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10 Health Benefits Of Deep Breathing


Did you know that the way you breathe can impact your health? Deep breathing offers many health benefits. It increases our vitality and promotes relaxation.

While shallow breathing causes shortness of breath, deep breathing can be beneficial as it slows the heart rate and stabilises blood pressure.

Go through this ClipBook to know the importance of deep breathing.


Why You Should Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing is a great relaxation technique. It decreases anxiety, improves coping skills and even lowers your blood pressure. It’s often combined with yoga, meditation, guided imagery and other relaxation techniques for more positive results.

Improves Detoxification

Good breathing habits help the lymphatic system function properly. This encourages the release of harmful toxins and cleanses the body. Energy is channelised to more productive functions. Optimised levels of oxygen helps in better absorption of vi...

Relieves Anxiety

Deep breathing has become increasingly important in recovery from depression and anxiety. Research has found that deep breathing can help the body relieve anxiety by promoting the production of endhorphine, the hormone which promotes the feeling o...

Improves Posture

Bad posture is often directly linked with incorrect breathing. Try it yourself and as you practise breathing deeply watch how you naturally straighten up. Read this article to know more.

Improves Lung Function

Prevention is the best medicine, and working to keep your lungs healthy is much more efficient than trying to repair them after something goes wrong. Deep breathing can help to improve lung capacity and function.

Relieves Pain

Breathing slowly could be as good as some medicines at banishing pain. Studies have proved it yet when we feel pain our instant unconscious reaction is to hold our breath. Remember that breathing deeply and breathing into pain will help to release...

Helps In Weight Control

If you are following a strict diet to lose weight and you still crave for junk foods, try deep breathing exercise. It can make your body get more oxygen, increase metabolism rate and give you more energy. Deep breathing exercises are a great way t...

Strengthens Immune System

One of the greatest threats to the efficiency of the immune system is stress. The more oxygen you get the stronger your immune system. Read this article to find out how deep breathing exercise improves immune cells function.

Helps In Digestion

Regular deep breathing is good for your health as it can prevent indigestion, bloated abdomen and constipation. Read this article to know more.

Improves Blood Quality

Deep breathing has many health benefits such as improving the flow of blood and lymph fluid, improving lung function, stimulating relaxation and creating an overall sense of well being. The deep breathing exercise can improve oxygen intake and thi...

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