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10 Hairstyles You Can Try On Your Little Girl

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Which fashion-forward little girl does not like to sport that trendy hairstyle that makes her feel like a Princess? Braids of all kinds are quite in vogue these days and you have styles that can suit every length and type of hair. Since going to a parlour to get a super cool hairdo for your daughter cannot be feasible every time, why not try some really eye-catching ones at home itself? It is not a difficult task and your daughter will thank you for it. So what are you waiting for? 

Try this really happening and easy-to-do, trendy hairstyles that we have featured in our ClipBook here, on your girl and win the praises and cool mom tag from everyone.           


Waterfall Twist

This waterfall twist requires a little more time at first, but with a little practice, it’ll take no time at all! Instead of using a french braid, this one can be done with just a few simple twists.

Heidi Braids With A Bow

Cute and classic, what’s not to love about these stylish Heidi braids with a bow? The only thing cuter than a little girl with Heidi braids, is a little girl with a ribbon in her Heidi braids.

Pin Curl Crown

This special hairstyle holds up all day and is great for the holidays. Your little girl can wear it to a play date or a evening of eating out with family.

Linking Pigtails

Creative, cool, and easy to do, these unique linking pigtails can be done right before school. What's more it stays in place for long.

The Twisted Pony

This incorporates a high ponytail that is then separated into four equal parts. Each section is then divided again, the two strands twisted into each other tightly, then secured with a rubber band.

Criss-Cross Apple Sauce

Criss-cross two smaller braids and tie them into pigtails for a playful style. Wear it to a day at the beach or a visit to a friend's place.

Loopy Looking Bun

It is not a regular bun and way more classier. Tie a pony tail slightly on the side and after separating it into two sections, twist two parts together. Then proceed to tie the bun.

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