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10 Fun Learning Activities For Your Preschooler

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Preschoolers are in need of learning activities much more than children of other age groups. So, it can be quite challenging for parents to come up with new activities to keep them engaged and happy, while ensuring they learn new concepts as well.

At this stage of their lives, children need to be exposed to various new concepts and skills such as learning to read, identifying different shapes and colours, counting numbers. It is also a time when they become aware of the presence of several new things in their immediate and extended surroundings, which includes different types of animals, modes of transport, flowers, trees, and so on. Understanding all these can be a complex task for preschoolers. But using interesting activities to teach all this will make learning easier and more enjoyable for them. It will also create opportunities for parents to spend quality time with their child.

In an article, 'The importance of creative arts in early childhood classrooms', published in Childcare Quarterly, Hannah Mills writes: 'Creative arts are activities that actively engage children’s imagination through art, dance, dramatic play or theater, puppetry, and music. The creative arts engage children across all domains—cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical.'

Now that you know how important creative activities are for a preschooler, it's time to let your child try her hand on some really exciting ones. To get you going, we've listed out ten activities that will help you keep your preschooler engaged. Some of the activities include making clowns using shapes such as triangles and circles. While you can do all these activities at home, it will also inspire you to come up with your own ideas.

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Make Four Season Trees

Preschoolers love learning about the seasons and watching how the leaves on trees change throughout the year. This activity provides a hands-on way for your child to illustrate how trees look during each season of the year.

Making Shapes

If your child is just learning about shapes, this matching activity is a great way to practice shape identification. Each craft stick will have only half of a shape. She'll have to match up the stick pair and place them side by side to complete ea...

Play The Fish For Numbers Game

Is your child struggling with number recognition? Sometimes all it takes to learn something new is a little incentive. Provide them with fun-filled activities and they'll practice it for hours. Here's a great way to go fishing for numbers that wil...

Brush Up: Toothpaste Experiment

This activity uses a hard-boiled egg as a pretend tooth and shows what happens if plaque goes unchecked. Reluctant brushers might change their attitude after seeing the results of this amazing experiment.

Make Paper Plate Tambourines

Looking for a noisemaker that's more musical than your typical preschooler's banging and clanging? Try this quick arts and crafts activity that will produce a homemade paper plate tambourine! It’s easy to make with supplies you probably already ha...

Alphabet Bottle

This alphabet bottle is fun to make and a great activity to keep your child busy either inside on a rainy day or traveling in the car. The craft helps kids recognize letters in a creative way, and is also a great time to start a quick conversation...

Paint With Ice

Embrace the cold with chilly ice paint! Kids love to swirl the melting paint over paper, creating beautiful designs. They'll practice their colour recognition and counting skills while observing paint go from a liquid state to a solid state, then ...

Homemade Bingo Cards

Bingo is an exciting way for children to practice recognising letters, numbers and shapes. Your kids will have a blast shouting “Bingo” when they have completed a row on their cards. Use the colorful bingo cards below to organize this fun family g...

Make A Triangle-Circle Clown

If your child is just learning the difference between different types of shapes, you can review them by making a triangle-circle clown. Your child will enjoy creating an entire picture out of nothing but circles and triangles of different sizes.

Foil Painting

Make your painting shimmer with a background of aluminum foil! This interesting metallic surface creates a totally different look than painting on regular paper or canvas. Colours will pop off the background while your child enjoys mixing colors a...

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