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10 Easy To Do Yoga Poses For Children


The popularity of yoga is increasing by the day. Its health benefits are proven and more people are adopting it as a fitness routine. Yoga is very good for children as it promotes better posture, ensures good sleep and emotional balance as well.

Described in brief below are the benefits of 10 simple asanas your child could do. Tadasana (mountain pose) helps children grow taller. Vrikshasana (tree pose) improves stillness and concentration and helps calm the mind. Utkatasana (chair pose) strengthens the ankles, calves, inner thighs and back.

Balasana (child pose) helps relieve stress while Shavasana (corpse pose) is a highly restorative pose usually practiced after a session of strenuous asanas. Titli asana (butterfly pose) is fun to do apart from exercising the thigh and hip region. Padmasana (lotus pose) refreshes the body and makes the mind alert. It teaches your child to sit straight and regular practice keeps the knee, hip and ankle joints strong and flexible.

The ‘downward facing dog pose’ strengthens the back and is excellent for overall body flexibility. The ‘cow and cat pose’ relaxes the spine. The ‘rainbow pose’ will strengthen your child’s arms, legs, back and belly and teaches balance and concentration.

To teach your child how to do the asanas mentioned above, show her this clipbook 


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