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10 Coding Toys For Kids

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Education trends change with every generation, giving rise to the need for children to learn new skills. Today, with almost every gadget being operated using computers, our kids need a little more than just how to use computers. So, along with teaching our children how to read, write, and experiment in science laboratories, we also need to teach them how to code. There are some very good basic computers available that can help children learn coding. Read this ClipBook to learn more about such devices.

Dash And Dot Robot Toys

What's harder: shopping for the holidays or teaching your kids the basics of computer programming? A startup called Wonder Workshop is aiming to make both a little easier.

Dash And Dot Sneak Preview

Watch this video to know how this coding toy works.

Kano's Kit Computer

That's the bold goal of Klein's London-based company, Kano, which makes a $150 build-it-yourself computer for kids. Based on a compact computer board called Raspberry Pi, the kit includes a wireless keyboard, a memory card, dongle, speaker and cab...

Kano Kit Review: Coding For Kids

This Kano kit review video tell you about the components of the kit and the operating system used to run the computer.


The Vortex robot pairs with iOS and Android smartphones or tablets over Bluetooth, and lets kids control its movement by tapping the screen in the Vortex app to initiate commands.

Vortex: An Intelligent And Responsive Robot Toy

This video shows you all that children can do with Vortex, a smart and responsive robot that they can play with and program...

Robot Turtles

This board game is designed to teach basic programming principles via a series of instruction cards which move the players’ pieces (turtles) around the board. The objective of the game is for players to navigate a maze and capture jewels but the g...

How Robot Turtles Works

Know more about how Robot Turtles works...


Eedu is an aerial drone kit that aims to take the pain out of using a programmable drone, with a quick and simple assembly process and an easy-to-use development environment for creating new applications.

Eedu: The Programmable Drone Starter Kit

This video will teach you how to program and use this drone.

Sphero Sprk

Sphero SPRK Edition will inspire you to love robotics, coding, and STEM principles all through play. The SPRK community is thriving, with thousands of kids shaping their future through fun and discovery. This high-tech toy helps fire up your imagi...

What Is Sphero Sprk Edition?

There’s no rule that says learning shouldn't be fun, or that playing can’t be valuable. If there is, the SPRK edition breaks it. Watch this video to know how it works...


Ozobot is a little toy robot that blends the physical and digital worlds — and teaches kids programming. The company bills the Ozobot as the world’s tiniest robot, but we figure there’s got to be something smaller than these little guys with light...

Ozobot, Hands-On With The Intelligent Board Game

What at first appears to be a simple, safe and contained robot, soon becomes an intelligent board piece. Watch this demonstration to understand...

The Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a tiny and affordable computer that you can use to learn programming through fun, practical projects.

Just Bought A Raspberry Pi? 11 Things You Need To Know

In this video, you will learn everything you might need to know if you've just bought a Raspberry Pi or are thinking of buying one...


Kibo is a robot-building and programming platform that is designed for youngsters, 4 years and upwards. After customising and personalising a two-wheeled base unit, kids can tell the robot what they want it to ...

Meet Kibo Here

Kibo is different from any other kit out there because it appeals to both technically-minded kids and those that connect more to arts and culture or physical activity...

Anki Overdrive

The Anki Overdrive kit includes two cars, a charging dock that can support up to four cars (additional cars are sold separately), and 10 pieces of plastic-coated track material, consisting of six curved and four straight pieces.

Anki Overdrive: Starter Kit Unboxed And Hands-On Gameplay

Watch this video to catch up with Anki Overdrive and learn how it works...

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