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10 Best Blogs For Children


A blog is an online journal or website on which a writer shares his opinion either on a specific topic or a range of topics. Blog posts are typically informal and are accessible to readers who can comment on the post and start a discussion - with each other and with the writer. 

A blog can function as a diary and offer many of the therapeutic benefits of writing. Studies show that writing about personal experiences improves sleep, enhances memory and boosts immune cell function. Maintaining a blog can have similar effects.

In the digital age, it can be difficult to convince children to maintain a handwritten journal. Also, most popular blogging websites that adults use have a policy which states that children below the age of 13 cannot set up an account. Fortunately, there are several blogs and blogging platforms that have been set up specifically for the use of children.

Accessing these blogs will allow your child to share original content, learn interesting facts about topics of his choice, interact with other children of his age and learn new skills via the Internet. 

Go through the clips below to discover 10 of the most popular and educative blogs for your child. 


Interactive Reader

This blog contains reviews of books meant primarily for young adults and teenagers. It is curated by a librarian, who is a teenager himself. It includes interviews with authors in the young-adult genre as well as suggestions on what books teenager...

Teach With Picture Books

This website comprises of a range of educational picture books primarily meant for children between the ages of eight to 13 years old.


A website that allows children to watch videos posted by other children as well as post videos themselves. Includes product reviews, fashion and cooking tips. It is meant mainly for kids between 7 to12 years of age.

Kids Social Network

A social networking site meant only for children that allows them to share photos, post videos and chat with their friends. Also includes a wide range of games and articles.

The Well-Read Child

A blog by a mother on a mission: To get children to read. She posts book recommendations, reading tips and reviews. There are also suggestions for fun reading activities you can use to teach the joy of reading to your child.

Kids Learn To Blog

A free blog that allows children under the age of 13, parents and teachers to use blogging as an educational tool. Includes guidelines on how to set-up a blog for your child and offers a wide range of educational resources for children.

National Geographic Kids |

Allows children to learn amazing facts on a range of subjects from geography to science, nature and history. It includes fun quizzes and educational videos that teach children the value of nature. It also has a Kids Club which contains informative...


An exciting blog for children from kindergarten to 8th Grade that includes interesting content specific to each grade. Includes popular games, books and videos that allow children to have fun while learning.

Students Of The World

A student network that allows your child to make friends and have pen-pals from all over the world. Any student can sign up and communicate with other children of their age, in countries of their choice. Allows your child to discover new cultures,...

Kids Activities Blog

A site set up to allow kids and parents to do art and crafts together. Allows you to unleash the creativity in your child with tips on how to create a wide range of do-it-yourself craft-work...

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