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10 Baby Care Tips



10 Baby Care Tips

A baby is sure to light up any home, but knowing how best to accommodate your new son or daughter is key to a happy transition. Sure, your child is a little person, but don't expect Junior to pull up a beanbag and nosh on nachos with dad at all ho...

Great Tips To Care For A Newborn

The new life has begun while you head back home with the newborn. Once you are in, you have absolutely no idea how you go about with this blessed addition. Here are 10 great parenting tips for the happy parents. Keep them in mind and parenting won...

#1 Holding A Newborn

Any first time parents will tell you how daunting it is to hold a baby for the first time. Add to that the tiny neck and the pressure of holding it in the right way. You will get a lot of tips and instructions on how to hold a newborn.

#2 Nappy Changing

Changing your newborn's nappy for the first time may seem a daunting prospect. But it will soon become second nature to you and your partner. After all, you're going to get plenty of practice! These tips should help you along the way.

#3 Bathing A Newborn

New parents sometimes feel apprehensive about bathing their tiny new babies. Have no fear, just follow these tips to make bathtime a breeze. Remember to always keep at least one hand on your infant while in the bath.

#4 Feeding Your Newborn

Feeding your newborn is a great opportunity to bond with your baby. Try to enjoy every mealtime. For the first few months, you should be feeding your baby breast milk or infant formula only, as these are the best forms of nutrition for the newborn...

#5 Soothing A Crying Baby

There's no getting around it- babies cry. It's how they communicate hunger, pain, fear, a need for sleep, and more. So how are parents supposed to know what their baby is trying to tell them? It can be tricky to interpret your child’s cries, espec...

#6 Caring Your Newborn's Skin

A rash, a cradle cap, or any other skin condition in newborns is enough to send parents in a panic mode. However, a careful approach to baby skin care can rest your worries and keep the baby happy. Read on to get our top 10 infant skin care tips.

#7 Traveling With A Newborn

Your baby's less likely to view travel as a disruption now than later on. He also can't run around yet and get into trouble. So enjoy this time because once he starts scampering about, travel becomes a far greater challenge. Here are some travel t...

#8 Safe Baby Sleeping Positions

Babies change their sleeping position over time, but it is important to take care about their sleeping position in the initial months after their birth. Below are some of the positions that your baby will sleep in, also explaining a side to his or...

#9 Play With Your Baby

As a new parent, it can be difficult to know what to do with your baby – what ‘games’ are appropriate at what age, what activities will help stimulate and develop your baby at an age-appropriate rate. Honestly, between feeding and sleeping you pro...

#10 Introducing Newborn To Siblings

Not sure how to explain a baby is on the way to your toddler? Brush up on everything you need to know—from how to break the news, to explaining pregnancy to a toddler, to prepping your child and getting her excited for a new sibling.

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