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10 Baby Care Questions And Answers


Babies require immense care. Parents have to acquire the knowledge to meet or respond to their needs. Seeking answers to baby care questions is an endless investment of time and effort, and is a never-ending journey. But as a parent, it is important to ensure at any cost that the child is being well taken care of and does not lack anything. The questions related to baby care vary from simply changing a diaper to nutrition demand. One has to keep updating himself in order to meet a child’s needs.

But some baby care questions are eternal. Getting a way through them is critical to bringing up a healthy child and keeping him fit. Doctors often suggest reading child care books before the birth of the child. But the same may not be possible for everyone and hence, knowing important tips can benefit you to raise your child.

One such very important factor when it comes to baby care is feeding your baby. In an article titled Should I wake my newborn for feedings? published in mayoclinic.org, “Most newborns lose weight in the first few days after birth. Until your newborn regains this lost weight — usually within one week after birth — it's important to feed him or her frequently. This might mean occasionally waking your baby for a feeding, especially if he or she sleeps for a stretch of more than four hours.”

A lot of websites offer dedicated help to new mothers by assisting them on similar questions and minimizing confusion. They also help with taking good care of the baby without indulging in unwanted practices due to lack of help or knowledge. However, consulting the doctor is advisable whenever you have any doubts This will further re-assure you that your baby’s health and safety is not being compromised on, and everything is being done with the best of knowledge available.

To know the answers to many more queries related to baby care, please go through the ClipBook below.


How Often Should I Nurse?

Many mothers are surprised at how quickly and easily human milk is digested (often within 90 minutes of the last feeding). Rather than watching the clock it is recommended that a mother watch for signs that her newborn is hungry, such as the rooti...

Should I Wake My Baby For Feedings?

Whether you should wake a sleeping newborn for feedings depends on the baby's age, weight and overall health. Most newborns lose weight in the first few days after birth. It's important to feed him or her frequently.

How Much Sleep Does My Baby Need?

Your baby needs lots of sleep, but she won't stay asleep for more than three hours or four hours at a time in her first few months. She needs to wake frequently so that she can refill her tummy: so be prepared for some interrupted nights.

How Often Should I Bathe My Baby?

Newborns don't need a bath every day. In fact, a lot of babies get rashes and dry skin from too many baths. Until your baby's umbilical cord stump falls off, wash her with a soft sponge or cloth instead of putting her in the tub. When the cord has...

When Can Babies Drink Water?

Experts believe that it is not a good idea to give babies water until they are about six months old. Babies usually get enough hydration from breast milk or their formula.

Is My Baby Ready For Solid Foods?

If you are thinking of weaning your baby there are some signs to look out for that will help you decide if the time is right. Even when you see signs that your baby is ready to start solids it may be best to wait until she is around six months bef...

Is It Safe To Use Talcum Powder On My Baby?

It is safe, as long as you use it carefully and ensure your baby doesn't breathe in the powder. If you do want to use talc, tap a little into your hand, away from your baby, and dab it onto your baby's skin. Don't sprinkle the talc directly onto y...

Do Babies Need Tooth Care?

Yes. Even before your baby sports his first tooth, it's a good idea to get into the habit of wiping his gums with gauze or a soft wet washcloth during bath time. You don't need to use any toothpaste yet. Simply wrap the cloth or gauze around your ...

How Often Should I Change My Baby's Nappies?

Be sure to check your baby’s nappy every two to three hours. Changing a nappy immediately after your baby urinates isn’t always necessary. Newborns may urinate every hour. Change the nappy immediately if your baby had a bowel movement.

Should Babies Watch Television?

Screen time can take away face-to-face interactions which babies need to build brain connections. And anyway, before 18 months, it's unclear whether babies even understand that the images onscreen represent something.

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