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10 Adorable Baby Reactions!


Among trending videos or pictures on the internet, baby pictures and videos are top contenders on the “cuteness overloaded” chart alongside cats, puppies and Barbie dolls and about anything else, people see fit to upload or watch. But nothing would make your day more than watching a video of a baby giggle while trying to be fed by the father.

Babies have a way with everything they do. I mean, how do they do that, being so adorable thingies? They have a lovable way of looking at you with their big bulbous eyes, smiling and then bursting into uncontrollable fits of giggles, running around, the messy eating, everything that they do simply command your affection.

The secret here lies in the baby's innocence. “Mumma, dada!” those two words could possibly make all the parents pick up the baby and jump out of happiness. Those little beings, fascinated to explore the big world with their tiny little feet and curious eyes are nothing but an oozing charm of cheerfulness.

Chubby cheeks, dimpled chin, frizzled hair… Wordy descriptions of the cuteness of babies are not easily possible. Whether lying asleep or attempting to crawl across the floor, a baby will always make you go, "Aww."

“Aww” more with ParentCircle , as we bring to you “10 adorable baby reactions.” Flick through the following pages to have an “aww” away a few minutes.


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