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    Keep Calm Exam On

    #ClassXIIBoardExam Cancellation | Share your Views...

    Keep Calm Exam On

    #ClassXIIBoardExam Cancellation | Share your Views...

    With Government finally putting a full stop to the uncertainty prevailing over CBSE Class XII Board Exams…A lot of parents, educators, teachers, and students are reacting differently to the decision.
    What do you think? Is it good or bad for students? Why only board exams; why no cancellation of all other entrance exams? How will a general promotion of all students justifiable? Will it be demotivating for students who were aspiring to be the toppers?
    A lot to ponder on the implications of the decision.....What do you think? ... more

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    Prof (Dr) Shikha Gupta 228 days ago

    There is a dilemma of expression with the cancellation of examinations. Cancellation of board exams, particularly for Class XII will open other challenges like either increasing the number of entrance tests or hinging the uncertain conditions over the heads of colleges and universities as well as students. More so, we have been striving with pandemic for over an year. What is the guarantee that we do not have similar situations next year. On the hind side, with no physical exams we as parents are satisfied that at least our kids are safe.

    Premkumar 230 days ago


    Team ParentCircle 230 days ago

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