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Green Tea – All you want to know

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  • Liquids you must consume to improve health and stay fit

    The nutrition requirements of a human body change according to the different life stages. But regardless of age, a diet that is full of nutrients is recommended to everyone. There are several diet plans which are made for different body requirements but one thing that is common in all the diet plans is Water. 70% of our body is made up of water. It is recommended to drink 10-15 glasses i.e. 4-5 liters of water every day. Consuming liquid is as important as consuming other eatables as it maintains health and prevents the body from dehydration. Here are some benefits of consuming liquids for your overall health- Improve your skin: A human body can survive weeks without food but days without water. Water plays a very important role in keeping skin healthy as it makes bloodstream liquid enough for blood vessels to flow and that maintains the glow on your skin. Aids in weight loss: When it comes to weight loss the best liquid to consume is Green Tea. If you are going to the gym then adding green tea to your plan would bring even better results. Increases immunity: A healthy immune system means a body always ready to fight against bacteria and flu causing the virus. Green tea and sugarless drinks help you in maintaining a good immune system. Boosts energy: Smoothies and protein drinks serve as energy boosters as the ingredients fulfill the lack of proteins and nutrients required. Relieves Headaches: Headache is a common problem which can be caused due to several reasons. Stress levels can be reduced with the help of green tea and water consumption as reduced stress level leads to reduced headache. There are several varieties of smoothies and teas available to choose from but knowing the best time and occasion to consume a particular drink is very important. There are several drinks which you should avoid as they may cause many health problems the most common one among them is High blood pressure. To avoid severe problems and medications you should always avoid consuming alcohol. Stay updated with Wat-Not. Source: https://www.wat-not.com/green-tea-benefits-uses-and-all-you-want-to-know/

    May 03, 2019