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    So many career options are there and are still growing. We help you learn about these and how these can benefit you and your children. ... more

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    Team ParentCircle Jan 24 2020

    Worried that your teen has made a risky and unconventional career choice? Heres how you can support him.

    Roopa M Oct 20 2019

    Team ParentCircle Oct 9 2019

    The class 12 results are out. So, whats next for your child? Not sure? While advice from elders and well-wishers is welcome, guidance from a career counsellor is scientific and reliable.

    Team ParentCircle Sep 16 2019

    Does your child want to become a teacher and have a successful career in teaching? Here are some tips for your child on how to become a teacher and the basic requirements for the teaching profession.

    Team ParentCircle Sep 16 2019

    Is your child interested in space science? Is she curious to explore the vast expanse out there? In short, is she wondering how to become an astronaut? Heres what you can do to encourage her.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 30 2019

    If your child loves playing or watching sports and takes an interest in all that's happening in this field, you can take this passion and make it into a career. Here's how you can go about it.

    Pallavi Chaudry Aug 27 2019

    How can I help my child (15 yr old), identify her strengths and likes in a field and capitalise on it for their college education? She seems to be interested in a lot of things and it's difficult for her focus and specialize on a single thing.

    Pallavi Chaudry Aug 28 2019

    @Pallavi Chaudry Hi, many parents are in the same boat.. I was too sometime back. At 15, children wouldve absorbed a lot and learnt many things while growing up. Their personality also wouldve formed to some extent. They know about their strengths too and parents know their childs nature and interests.

    Also, by now you already know about all the subjects she has been really good at over the years. Make a list of all her strengths and all the subjects she likes. Is she strong in maths, does she love Biology, is she good in writing, does she enjoy arts and fashion? If you ponder, you will be able to analyse and make a rough list. Once the list is ready, based on your knowledge, discuss with her and try to analyse which industry she would fit in.

    As far as her hobbies are concerned, she can practice them and also teach during her free time. There are many people who teach music,dance,cooking,art etc, in their free time. This can give a lot of happiness and satisfaction, and also add to their income.

    Its better to choose something that gels with her personality, nature, skills, and talents. This will keep her motivated to work and her job will never feel like job. Some kids are quiet by nature and some like to talk. For instance, RJs, anchors, and many people whose job requires a lot of talking, are usually people who love to talk a lot and address a lot of people. Similarly, a person who enjoys working at a desk in a quiet environment might want to pick something that matches their personality.
    There are jobs that require a lot of travelling. Every job has its own requirement.
    So children can take advantage of all their strengths and weaknesses and decide what they would really enjoy to do all their life.

    After her schooling, as you must already know, she has to choose science, commerce, arts, job oriented courses or other choices the colleges and schools offer in your city, keeping in mind the profession she would like to take up in future.
    She will have to write entrance exams after her 12th before her graduation journey, based on what she chooses. She will have to prepare for those entrance tests ahead of time.

    There are career counsellors who advise students and give them all the information regarding degrees and courses they have to take up to fulfil their goals. The counsellors also educate them about the colleges and universities that offer those courses. Based on all the info, you can pick the courses you are interested in. Most colleges and institutions also help in placement.

    Information is everything. Try to get all the guidance you can from different sources. Internet also helps a lot. Hope you are successful in picking the right course for your child. Hope this helps. All the best :)

    Pallavi Chaudry Aug 29 2019

    @Pallavi Chaudry Career counselling and guidance can steer your child in the right direction. Heres how to go about it.

    Pallavi Chaudry Aug 29 2019

    @Pallavi Chaudry hey
    i know as a parent we all want our kids to flourish in their future shine with bright colours. Believe me finding out talent is a much easier task if you communicate and focus on what kids really enjoy doing. As the kid is already 15teen, i suggest everyday keep talking about something that would help her plan the future ,the more she engages in a particular topic you may find out what she likes.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 15 2019

    Joining the Indian Police Service as an IPS officer is the dream of many Indian youngsters. Here's all about how your teen can become an IPS officer by clearing the Civil Services Exam.

    Team ParentCircle Aug 26 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Very informative and elaborate!