Infant and Newborn Care

    Hi mums ..
    Has anyone used the new Johnson's mild top toe bath?I've heaed that it's s become more effective and has passed even more levels of safety tests .. ... more


    sabi265 May 18 2019

    YEs, been using for over a year now and its amazing

    Gayathri Ethiraj Aug 24 2018

    Hi Neha. I've never and will never recommend any product of JnJ. I've personally tested/experimented their shampoo (not their top toe version though). My lo's scalp became extremely dry. The same happened to my 6 year old niece as well.
    I've switched to MOTHERCARE products. I swear by their range of products. They are very mild and gentle.

    Gayathri Ethiraj Aug 27 2018

    @Gayathri Ethiraj Hey Gayathri... you can try to new Johnsons. Its pthylates, dye and parabens free. Its gentle & probably the mildest product to use. For a 6 year old the active range is worth using as the needs of a 6 yr old is different from a newborn. They sweat more, run around more and need a shampoo which keeps their hair fresh for longer.

    Gayathri Ethiraj Aug 31 2018

    @Gayathri Ethiraj Hi ..
    I've used the old top to toe for my boy for almost 4 years now and touch wood am super happy with it ...Johnsons has been my partner for sometime now and I've been super happy also ... I think it also depends from 1 child to the other, some are more sensitive.... so it's best to use a product that suits your lo..

    Gayathri Ethiraj Sep 28 2018

    @Gayathri Ethiraj Hey.. J n J is century old.. tested.. hypoallergenic.. phalyate, sulphate, dye free... there were reactions on my daughter when I used certain brands.. but J n J has always been good.

    Priyam Sharma Aug 27 2018

    Yes, I have its amazing...bought it from amazon!