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    My kid is 3 years old. What can I do so that the kid develops a strong immune system and is less prone to the surroundings like catching a viral / cold from kids in school. Is there really a way this can be avoided?

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    • Tue, Feb 20, 2018, 03:29 AM


    SHASHI Jul 14 2018

    Cowraw colostrum milk (or fresh) at frequency of 15 to 20 days once in moderate, will help in building immune system.

    Neha Jul 7 2018

    Kids are always prone to these things but a good diet, well laid hygienic surroundings and cleanliness must be maintained . There are a lot of fruits and veggies that increase the immunity, dont always opt for medications and sometimes let he kid just be .. Take extra care of his habits and imbibe the finest habits at this age ..

    Team Feb 24 2018

    Vitamin is the main source to develop a good immune system, especially zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, and vitamins A, B6, C, and E This can be easily done by consuming a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. They can also take a lot of fresh juices. You cannot give a 100% sterilized condition to your child. Certain circumstances are unavoidable. The child goes to school, interacts with a lot of people, talks and plays with other children in school, so he is bound to catch cold or a viral either during the change of seasons or from another kid who has a cold or viral. This is also a process of developing immunity in the system. If the child does not get sick at all, he will not be able to develop an immune system because the body will not learn how to fight it. It is quite normal to fall sick atleast twice in a year but we just have to make sure that we take proper care at that time and do not let it aggravate. Dr. ANUJA, Pediatric Nutritionist, AIIMS, New Delhi.

    Team Feb 26 2018

    @Team Thank you so much for the valuable suggestions doctor. His main problem has always been cough and cold (running nose), but everytime it used to be gone in a few days time with treatment. However this time its prolonging, such that we had to change medicines multiple times from the consulting pediatric. Which fresh fruit juice are suitable for him? He is 3 now. Also in what form can we give him. Vegetables and which ones? Can you advise please?

    Team Feb 27 2018

    @Team Any fruit juice and all vegetables are OK. Besides oranges, Strawberries, pineapple, mango. Kiwifruit, papaya, guava, amla are good sources of vitamin C Amongst vegetables - Bell peppers, broccoli, tomatoes and variety of seasonal vegetables are also good sources. Vitamin C has healing properties since it is an anti-oxidant but it is highly perishable too. Therefore, Fresh juice should be drunk immediately after straining. - Anuja, Pediatric Nutritionist, AIIMS, New Delhi

    Swapna Feb 20 2018

    Even I would need a suggestion on this. My son is turning 4 and he is always down with cold n fever. He doesnt drink milk (except for water he doesnt drink anything) nor eat fruits, and he only has 1 or 2 veggies.

    Swapna Feb 20 2018

    @Swapna Swapna. Thank you for your question. We have forwarded your question to the appropriate Pediatric Expert, will get back to you once our expert responds.

    Swapna Feb 24 2018

    @Swapna He may not feel like eating properly if he is always down with cold and fever. As adults, even we do not feel like eating or doing anything when we catch a cold. We dont even want to talk to anyone and we just prefer being left alone. Similarly if the child feels irritable because of recurrent cold and cough. In this case, the child needs to be investigated further. We must check if there is any weight loss or if iron is low. The hemoglobin has to be checked because if there is a deficiency in iron then the child may not feel hungry. Iron deficiency can actually lead to Anorexia. If the child does not eat well, then we can just twist the food to make it look interesting for the child. Instead of giving milk directly, we can give some form of pudding so the child may enjoy it. Curd can be given instead of milk. If he has some kind of aversion to milk, we can give more protein rich food like eggs and other non-vegetarian food. Pulses can be given to the child. Vitamin C also enhances the absorption of iron and calcium. Dr. ANUJA, Pediatric Nutritionist, AIIMS, New Delhi.

    Team Feb 20 2018

    Paresh. Thank you for your question. We have forwarded your question to the appropriate Pediatric Expert, will get back to you once our expert responds.