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    Birthdays and Anniversaries

    Are you thinking of organizing a birthday or anniversary party for a loved one, a special one? Share your plans, get amazing ideas from experts, discuss with more people like you and, throw a bash which your dear one will cherish forever. ... more

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    Team ParentCircle May 18 2020

    Birthday cakes are the most important part of a child's birthday party. So, why not bake one for your child on his birthday. Here's a special recipe that you and your child are bound to enjoy!

    Team ParentCircle May 5 2020

    Is it your childs fifth birthday? Read on to get ideas on how you can make her birthday celebrations special.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 2 2020

    Worried about your child reaching his 18th birthday a milestone into adulthood? This article helps you understand them better and provide the right support.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 11 2019

    The same balloons, buntings and sweet treats can get boring ? why not ditch the party for your childs birthday and do something different this time? We give you some interesting ideas

    Team ParentCircle Jul 12 2019

    @Team ParentCircle What a lovely way to celebrate. I actually take my children to the Home for Spastic Children on their Birthdays. We take some moist and soft homemade cake and Khichdi for the children. It really is very satisfying!

    Team ParentCircle Jul 25 2019

    @Team ParentCircle This is so nice to hear Vicky. What better way to celebrate your children's birthdays than serving people and making them happy. Great job and Kudos to you!

    Team ParentCircle Aug 7 2019

    @Team ParentCircle I still remember when my son while asked what he wanted to do on his birthday, he replied saying he wanted to make new friends from the orphanage near our home. He always noticed kids play there and he wanted to know about them and befriend them. It was lovely to hear him say that he wanted them to be his friends on his bday and nothing else! :)

    Team ParentCircle Jul 5 2019

    Birthday cakes are the most special elements of birthdays. Check out these popular birthday cake themes to plan for your child's birthday party.

    Team ParentCircle Jul 10 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Wow! This is so cool and creative. Loved the ideas!

    Team ParentCircle Jul 25 2019

    @Team ParentCircle These are some really cute and creative cake ideas. Kids will love these as they are relevant with what they watch.

    Team ParentCircle Mar 11 2019

    My 6 year old does not want to celebrate his birthday with his friends. He rarely wants to go for other birthday parties too. should i just let him do what he is comfortable with?

    Team ParentCircle Apr 10 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Your child probably is more comfortable with known people and less-crowded, noisy environments. He is just 6 so it is better not to force. Ask him what he would like to do for his birthday. Suggest to him that instead of throwing a birthday bash for him, you as a family can go out to a nearby orphanage or oldage home to spend some quality time with them. You could tell him how exciting and satisfying it would be to have a cake-cutting with the inmates of such a home.
    This aside, in the midst of play or fun, ask him why he does not like birthday parties. Probably, he may have had some unpleasant experience in a party, which has turned him away from such celebrations.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 15 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Dear parent,

    Unusual behaviour in children can be a cause of concern for parents. Not
    wanting to attend birthday parties or celebrate his own birthday does seem unusual for
    a 6 year old. But before deciding what to do, lets first ask ourselves: what is the reason
    for this behaviour? Is your son shy? Does he have difficulty making friends? Does he
    have a friend in his class or in his friends circle who perhaps bullies him? Or does your
    son have a completely different idea of celebration altogether? What would be helpful is
    if you have ongoing conversations with your son (not in a lets sit and talk about it
    manner but a very casual manner, while watching TV or driving somewhere together).
    Ask him if he likes to play with his friends, which friends he likes and which he doesnt,
    and why. Share your own personal stories of friendships with him. Talk to him about
    celebrations and how there are many ways in which we can celebrate birthdays. Once
    youre convinced that his reasons have nothing to do with any problem such as being
    bullied or lack of skills for making friends, go ahead and let him choose to celebrate his
    birthday the way he wants. Do ensure, however, that you provide your own guidance
    and inputs. All the best!

    Team ParentCircle Apr 29 2019

    @Team ParentCircle My nephew too was like this. And, now he is 15, and loves to interact and met people. I think i is a matter of time and patience. And, I would advice that you do not force him to socialise because some children take time, and there is nothing wrong with that. Even my children are new to India as they were born in Spain. It is taking them time to adjust to Hyderabad. Initially even I was concerned about them keeping to themselves, but I can gradually see them trying to mingle more with friends.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 22 2019

    Do you sweat about your childs birthday party and how the kids are going to behave? Or what to do if your little one gets annoyed and throws a tantrum. Here are some tips on birthday party etiquette

    Team ParentCircle Feb 7 2019

    Who doesnt love a birthday party? Food is key to transforming it into a fun and fantastic occasion. Here are some delectable menu ideas to make your childs party a hit!

    Team ParentCircle Dec 17 2018

    Throwing the bash of the season for your one-year-old? You dont need to burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some creative ideas to have a gala birthday party without breaking the bank.

    Read more >>> https://www.parentcircle.com/article/7-ways-to-make-the-1st-birthday-party-costeffective/

    Team ParentCircle Dec 17 2018

    @Team ParentCircle Throwing the bash of the season for your one-year-old? You dont need to burn a hole in your pocket. Here are some creative ideas to have a gala birthday party without breaking the bank

    Team ParentCircle Dec 5 2018

    The same balloons, buntings and sweet treats can get boring why not ditch the party for your childs birthday and do something different this time? We give you some interesting ideas.

    Find out here https://www.parentcircle.com/article/how-to-celebrate-your-childs-birthday-without-having-a-party/

    Team ParentCircle Dec 5 2018

    @Team ParentCircle The same balloons, buntings and sweet treats can get boring ? why not ditch the party for your childs birthday and do something different this time? We give you some interesting ideas

    Team ParentCircle Nov 26 2018

    How to host a waste-free house party?

    We all encounter a lot of times when we are hosting parties - be it birthdays, casual parties, anniversaries etc. Most of the times, such occasions lead to a lot of wastage of food, resources and other things. But with better planning and utilization, we can ensure to minimize the wastage during such events.

    1. Know your guests: Take some time in sending invites and asking your guests to RSVP beforehand so that you can plan your menu, location and time better.

    2. Eco-friendly decorations: Make use of paper decor, DIYs, reusable decors from your last party, etc. Avoid using plastics and other non-biodegradable materials. Make it as eco-friendly as possible and make your party hats, party poppers etc with the children even during the party. This will also keep the children engaged.

    3. Plan your menu: Know your guests and plan your menu and quantity accordingly. Do not plan too little and do not plan too much too. Plan judiciously.

    4. Pack them up: At the end of every party, there is always leftover food. The best way to utilize is to have some boxes ready so that you can pack them up and give it to the guests who have come of they want it. This food can be used the next day.

    5. Gifts & packing: Avoid using wrapping papers or any kind of packaging for your gifts/ return gifts. The best way is to use reusable cloth/ paper gifting bags to put your gifts. If you are running out of those, you can use old newspapers to wrap your gifts and attach a colourful ribbon to make it attractive.

    6. Cutlery: Use reusable stainless steel cutleries or anything that would not add on to the waste. If it is a larger crowd, use eco-friendly cutlery rather than using plastic ones.

    Team ParentCircle Nov 28 2018

    @Team ParentCircle Thank you so much for sharing these tips. These are really helpful. I often see a lot of party leftovers dumped in the apartment bin and this really saddens me. If we all try to follow these slowly, I'm sure we'll be able to reduce wastage. I usually count those people who help me every day - cook, maid, security and would make sure to pack some food for them also whenever I host parties.

    PC Admin Oct 29 2018

    My daughter told me that she identifies as boy and not a girl. He is almost eighteen. While I am still learning to be okay with it, I want him to know how much I love him anyways. I want to celebrate in his honor for the transgender awareness week and want him know he is accepted. It doesn't have to be a party or a big one anyway, but I would like it to be special. Any ideas?

    PC Admin Oct 30 2018

    @PC Admin Hi. Seeing this makes me so happy. It's so nice to see you trying to accept it, feel happy and proud of your child the way they are and wanting to celebrate their decision. With the Transgender Awareness Week coming up in a few weeks, I'm happy to see you think about celebrating it with your child and making it memorable.

    My suggestions are to do something that your child will be comfortable with and loves doing. You can plan a treasure hunt at home planned over the entire week with clues leading him to short motivational messages from you and the final clue leading to a bigger surprise. This needn't necessarily be anything expensive or anything. I'm sure wherever you're staying, there'll be a lot of discussions, events happening over that week where people gather, discuss, open up, share stories and experiences and chat. This I feel, would be something that will make your child feel the sense of community with people who are also like them and probably if he likes it the first time, he can attend more such events. Spend more time with your child and have more conversations. I'm sure you've had these before, but do it more often. This will help you understand your child, his interests and thoughts better.

    These are just a few suggestions from my end. Start building these conversations amongst your family too and to be honest, I'm glad you came forward to ask this. This made my day!

    PC Admin Oct 30 2018

    @PC Admin Really encouraging to see you accept your child's sexuality. Not only that, you also want to celebrate it, which is very heartening. You can conduct a gathering at your house and speak about how happy you about your child's identity of himself. You can also ask him to speak about his journey of accepting and coming to terms with his sexuality. This will motivate him and keep his spirits high. Wishing your child, All the Best!

    PC Admin Oct 30 2018

    @PC Admin Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot. I really like your suggestions. I think I my child could really use a sense of community, and the treasure hunt sounds interesting too. Thank you for such lovely ideas.

    PC Admin Oct 30 2018

    @PC Admin @Subhechha Chatterjee Thank you for your support. I must say I wasn't expecting this much support and was quite nervous at posting this here. But people here have been so kind.

    Yes, I could do this. I shall co-ordinate with my son to see how comfortable he is with this first. I think he would be and it would be nice if I could do this for him.

    Ashwin Dewan Oct 26 2018

    I am thinking of throwing a surprise birthday party for my father. My budget is Rs 5000. Could you please suggest some ideas to make this a memorable one for him? Please also suggest ideas on ways to decorate the house. Should I use balloons only? Or should I simply take him out to an expensive restaurant?

    Ashwin Dewan Oct 26 2018

    @Ashwin Dewan Hi,

    It's nice to see that you want to surprise your dad on his bday. ??

    Consider what your dad would like to do? What are his tastes? Of course he would enjoy whatever surprise you throw him. No matter what. But, you can take it to the next step by doing something for him that he really enjoys.