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    Behaviour in 14 - 17 year olds

    Are you a parent of a high school child who is concerned about his/her behaviour? Join our discussion to clear your doubts, share your journey, know from our experts and explore more about behaviour and how you can help them! ... more


    Anmol Agrawal 19 days ago

    Are here any parents who are facing problems in exploring career for theirs kid? Kids in grades 10-12? What are you doing?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 20 2019

    Dear Team Parent circle,
    My 15 year old son has lately started to become very rude and unsocial. If questioned, he gets very irritated and escapes the scene. I have tried asking him gently also, but he behaves as if we are strangers. How will I understand why he is behaving like this?

    Team ParentCircle Mar 21 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Dear parent,
    I can imagine how difficult it must be for you to deal with your adolescent. However, this is actually quite a common adolescent behaviour. Adolescence is a period of development which is marked by physical, social, cognitive, and emotional changes. The goal of this stage of development is to move toward a more independent sense of self. You might feel that you are disconnected to your teen but moodiness, testing boundaries, and greater interest in privacy are the quite common at this stage, and in fact indicate normal development. The most important goal of parenting at this stage is to stay connected to your teen while at the same time giving him the space and independence he requires, within limits. For example, have family meals everyday in which all members of the family share about their day. Make being present mandatory. At first your teen may not talk much and just eat his dinner without speaking, but gradually as he learns to trust you more, he might start speaking a little. Encourage him by showing active interest in his life, but without becoming too nosy. If he does talk rudely, tell him gently that in your family you all speak politely to one another (and mean it!). Support your teen as he may be going through his own turmoil and inner conflicts, due to his changing body and pursuit toward self-identity. Be patient with him, be there for him (whether he shows he needs you or not), and avoid judging him- and you will definitely see this 'stranger' transforming into a person who loves you and trusts you. All the best!

    Team ParentCircle Apr 25 2019

    @Team ParentCircle This age is such that some children become slightly distant from their families, especially parents. Try to be a friend to him and make him feel that it is absolutely normal and fine to go through the multiple emotions that he is feeling. Ask him if something is bothering him and share a story from your childhood when you were undergoing a similar phase. He will probably feel more connected and gradually open up to you.

    Team ParentCircle May 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Yes it a difficulty faced by parents like us and kids resent any preaching in that department. I feel we can try coaxing and show them by example .It may take time but finally things will turn around.

    Team ParentCircle May 27 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Teens go through a lot of changes physically, emotionally and socially. There are some changes that happen in their brain too. His current behavior does not change your influence on him. It will not affect your relationship with him in the longer term. Nevertheless, there are lot of steps you can take to understand your child and keep the communication going. As your child is maturing, he will think differently and probably doesn't understand the impact of his words or actions on you. This article below may help you. It talks about connecting with your teen. Ill send you the link. All the Best!:)

    Team ParentCircle May 27 2019

    @Team ParentCircle In adolescence, the child who used to share everything suddenly prefers to keep a distance. Then, how will you connect with your teen? Through intentional listening and by being a mindful parent...

    Roopa M May 25 2019

    It would be interesting to have a section for teens or teencircle, where they can share their thoughts and discuss everything from their perspective :-) They might even share their recipes, reviews, ideas, and lot more to make their section fun and colourful for all to read.

    Team ParentCircle Apr 2 2019

    While there is no perfect way to teach responsibility, you can use everyday situations to gradually mould your child into a responsible and accountable individual.

    Team ParentCircle May 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle To raise independent and self confident kid , this is a small beginning and a great one too. It teaches kids the value and dignity of labour

    Team ParentCircle Apr 9 2019

    Are you worried about your teenager's use of the Internet, considering the amount of time she spends on it every day? Here are some tips on how to teach her to use the Net responsibly.

    Team ParentCircle May 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle I truly appreciate this article for I had difficulty in regulating digital time for my kids. In today's scenario we cannot totally cut off from technology but definitely can manage it usefully.

    Team ParentCircle May 13 2019

    Your child needs to learn how to manage her emotions as it is a necessary part of her personality development. Heres how you can help.

    Team ParentCircle May 17 2019

    @Team ParentCircle It is true that if the emotions are not controlled from a young age we are going to create a poisonous society. Every child needs to manage their emotions and should be taught the right way to behave in society otherwise a bunch of rude citizens without civic sense will prevail in future. Indeed its the need of the hour

    Team ParentCircle Mar 5 2019

    Teenage can be stressful, especially as peer pressure is more intense than ever before. Here are some tips to help your teen hold his own.

    Team ParentCircle Feb 22 2019

    Almost all parents want their children to make friends. However, not every one of their childrens friends may fit the parental template of the ideal friend. What should parents do in such situations?

    Team ParentCircle Feb 12 2019

    Do your teens's actions confuse you? Do you feel like she doesn't want to spend as much time with you anymore? Well, you are not alone! Let's take a look inside the teen brain together.

    Team ParentCircle Jan 9 2019

    Does your teen keep her digital device away or turn it off when she sees you? Chances are, she is watching something explicit. Read on to understand how you should talk to your teen about porn >>> https://www.parentcircle.com/article/are-you-prepared-to-talk-to-your-teen-about-porn/

    Team ParentCircle Jan 9 2019

    @Team ParentCircle Does your teen keep her digital device away or turn it off when she sees you? Chances are, she is watching something explicit. Read on to understand how you should talk to your teen about porn.

    Mathari Nov 20 2018

    My daughter is feeling low when she is not able to finish studying her portions for her unit test, also her anxiety level is high for her 12th board exams. Though we try to help her she is not in a listening mode probably not convinced with a way we are trying to help her or she is feeling it is stage made for her to calm. Please Let me know how we can create a positive environment for her.

    Mathari Nov 20 2018

    @Mathari I can understand since we are in a similar situation. We are letting the child do combined study sometimes. It actually helps since friends can quiz and help each other.
    Also, speak to the teachers and take their help in motivating her. You can tell them your concerns.
    At home, you keep repeating positive affirmations and speak to her in a loving tone. Remind her of all the times when she did well in school. Remind her of her goals. Display her awards, certificates or any picture or anything that reminds her of proud moments. Praise her in front of friends and others.
    Come up with other ideas that will boost her confidence. Hope this helps:)

    Mathari Nov 28 2018

    @Mathari This exam season, you and your child do not have to go through the usual stress that accompanies it. We bring you tips from experts on how to help your child deal with exam-related anxiety.

    PC Admin Nov 26 2018

    Half the time my daughter has a holiday she is stuck to a book and keeps reading the whole day. Should I be worried?

    PC Admin Nov 26 2018

    @PC Admin Reading is an excellent hobby! She will learn so much and also be excellent in writing /sentence construction... As you said, reading for too long at a stretch could be a problem as she might not be playing enough, or give time to other activities. Try to involve her in other activities and take her for walks, and any lessons/classes she might be interested in. Try to keep her active.
    Pls tell her to look away from the book /nook every 15 minutes or so while reading. It'll help her eyes.
    Hope this helps :)