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    • Jan 3 2019


    Team ParentCircle Jun 17 2019

    Indian arts and crafts are a reflection of the country's rich culture and history. What better way to teach your kids about their roots, than by involving them in creating some art of their very own!

    Team ParentCircle Jun 9 2019

    A 13-year-old child prodigy whose sublime talent is on display every time he plays the piano creating magic! Chennais very own Lydian Nadhaswaram's musical talent has made him the Worlds Best.

    Team ParentCircle Jun 12 2019

    @Team ParentCircle It is our duty as teachers and parents to nurture such talent. Academic performance alone is not a yardstick to understand a child's capabilities and interests. We have to make a conscious effort to allow our children to explore and experiment. Only then can we have confident individuals who have the motivation to make a mark for themselves!

    Komal Kriti Sharma Apr 9 2019

    My son is very interested in classical dance forms and he loves watching videos on Youtube. He paints and I allow him to get messy with paints, crayons etc. He is just 5 and I would like to help him work on his interests. How can I help him?

    Komal Kriti Sharma Apr 10 2019

    @Komal Kriti Sharma You are already on the right track. It's nice of you to encourage and find/recognize his talents and interests. Enjoy these special moments with him by letting him play with colours, and help him and teach him all that you know.

    Todays kids are so fortunate to have internet at their fingertips. Its great that he is learning and watching something worthwhile.

    Art plays a major role in a childs development in many ways. Colouring/painting or any kind of creative work helps children improve their motor sills, confidence, and concentration. Children feel happy to work with colours and express themselves, and this has a huge impact on their mood. All these qualities also help them in academic success.

    Find him a good teacher who will connect with him, teach him lessons and also inspire him to be successful. He can also be certified to teach later in life. All the Best!:)

    Komal Kriti Sharma Apr 17 2019

    @Komal Kriti Sharma It is so encouraging to see that as a parent you are allowing your son to develop an interest in Classical Dance. I have seen so many parents reprimand their sons if they wish to pursue the performing arts. Reasons for such behaviour range from the prevalent stereotype that dance is for women, to arguing that performing arts is not a lucrative career prospect. However, Classical dance or music, instills discipline in children, it helps them become better learners and contributes immensely to their holistic development as individuals. Kudos to you for letting your son enjoy his childhood and explore the world with joy!