Young Poets' Thoughts On Different Subjects

Stringing rhyming words together to compose a poem isn’t child’s play. But these little verse-makers seem to have a natural talent for it. Here are some poems on Maths, Science and all things wise!

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Young Poets' Thoughts On Different Subjects

Have you ever wondered how your children actually feel about the subjects they’re studying? No doubt, there are some subjects which they love and others which they can’t stand. Every child is different. Some children enjoy Mathematics while others may have a natural flair for English. Whatever the case, children today aren’t afraid of expressing their opinions.

Poetry is one of the avenues that children may choose to express their feelings toward a subject. Not only is poetry a great form of creative expression, it also hones language skills and can calm the mind. Children get introduced to poetry at a very young age in the form of nursery rhymes. It doesn’t take them too long to realise that they can devise such rhymes themselves. Before you know it, these little wordsmiths are writing poems about all and sundry. We bring to you a selection of poems written by some talented children. Read through their verses to find out why Math interests some yet dismays others.

Let's do some Maths

I say Maths is fun 

As it makes me wise 

I need to revise 

Twice and Thrice 

Counting Numbers is easy peasy 

Addition Subtraction makes life easy 

I say "Doing Maths makes me geeky" 

Mom says "Ah...Dont be cheeky" — Ahaana Vinod, Class II, Vels Vidyashram, Chennai

Maths Trouble 

Sums are not good 

Maths sums are never good 

Add or subtract 

Either of it you do 

The trouble is for you

Huge numbers are tough to add 

And Subtract 

Although Maths is hard 

Always do it 

And always do it from your heart — Nakshatra Harish, Class I, Delhi Public School, Vadodara

Infinite Maths 

Maths uses numbers only from 0 to 9 

But you can count infinite 

Maths has only add, subtract multiply and divide 

But you can do calculations infinite 

Maths has only 4 basic shapes in 2D and 3D 

But you can use them to build things infinite — Kavin S, Class IV, Kola Perumal Chetty Vaishnav Senior Secondary School, Chennai

The English Class At One

The class was buzzing

And the time was ticking 

The clock hit one 

The teacher came in 

She began The Ivan's story

The story of a gorilla 

The pages flipped 

And we were towards the end 

Poor Ivan left his soul 

Thinking of his happy past 

The bell rang loudly 

We woke from the sorrow 

And that was how the English class 

Came to a close — Sanjeev S, Class V, Bala Vidya Mandir, Chennai

Student's Burdens 

Adding to our ailment 

Is Maths that multiplies our misfortune 

Backing up our bane 

Is History that hoists our hardship 

Darkening our despair 

Is Geography that grills our gusto 

Capsizing our already piled up burden 

Are two other foes namely Science and Language — Ronith Arun, Class V, Union Christian Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai

Science Splendors 

Science makes me wonder

Of stars, moons and places yonder 

Air, water and weather 

They are easy to read and discover

Why is the sea blue?

Why is apple not a fruit? 

What medicine do I take for flu? 

How do we pollute? 

These and many more 

We learn to the core 

For then I can be A Curie— Ruhan Arun, Class V, Union Christian Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai


My favourite subject is Tamil

B'cos it is

Two thousand years old

Our Tamil is gold 

Has Spread tenfold 

Wonders behold! 

Learn Tamil, breathe Tamil and teach Tamil 

All over the world 

Nandri Swetha Saravanan, Class II, Narayana Olympiad School, Chennai  

Wow! These youngsters' thoughts on Maths and Science aside, it’s obvious that they’re talented poets in the making. Why not show this poetry to your child and encourage her to write verses of her own? Perhaps you'll find out where her interests lie. 

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