World Hello Day: 5 Things You can Do to Spread the Message of Peace

It is a greeting we take for granted. But do you and your child know its significance or that there is a 'day' like this? Find out how five letters can lead to peace, joy and better communication.

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World Hello Day: 5 Things You can Do to Spread the Message of Peace

In our busy, fast-paced and technology-driven lives, we often forget the importance of a simple greeting that can brighten up the day. Yes, we are talking about the simple 'Hello'.

Well, it might surprise you, but the Oxford English Dictionary says the first published use of 'Hello' goes way back to 1827. It states that it was, in fact, Thomas Edison, the American inventor and businessman, who put the greeting into common usage. He would request the people who would use his phone to say 'Hello'. 

How many times do you pause in the day to say a genuine greeting to someone you know, such as your neighbour, your colleague or the person you pass every day on the street but never acknowledge?

We all want our children to embrace the world outside, the real world besides the virtual one that they get used to as they are growing up. Through events such as World Hello Day, we can educate our youngsters on the need for communication and how peace can be brought about by an exchange of ideas rather than the use of violence.

The origin of World Hello Day

Today, it’s become a custom to celebrate November 21st every year as World Hello Day. But do you know the background of this day? The origins of this day can be traced back to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in 1973 when people across the world used the word to demand peace.  Since then World Hello Day has been observed by 180 different countries around the world. Every year celebrations are held all over the world to observe this day. The idea is to greet ‘Hello’ to ten different people throughout the day, therefore promoting peace and friendship. Brilliant…isn't it! 

This event was promoted by two brothers, Brian McCormack and Michael McCormack, who sent thousands of letters to political leaders and heads of state in different languages to get their support for participation in the first World Hello Day. They wanted to spread the message on the importance of communication through peaceful means rather than force.

Anyone can observe World Hello Day by greeting 10 people and saying ‘Hello’ to them on this day.

Here are some fun activities you can encourage your child to do on this day

  1. Ask your child to go up to classmates she has never interacted with in school and greet them with a genuine 'Hello'. Tell them to go up to their teachers and even classmates and say ‘Hello’ to them. The teacher will also appreciate the effort and so will the other children. In the process, they might also end up making some new friends and bring them home to say ‘Hello’ to you!
  2. What best way to celebrate World Hello Day than to greet complete strangers! That is the spirit with which this day was established. Take a walk with your child and say a warm 'Hi' to strangers on the road, in the park or in the department store. Say it like you mean it and your child will learn the importance of positive communication.
  3. Help your little one write small notes to family and friends and give it to them on World Hello Day. All he has to do is take coloured paper squares and write some words of appreciation or some sayings on it. Fold these up and ask him to give it to people he cares for — grandparents, best friend, a kind aunt and so on. Today’s world is digital. Sometimes, it’s difficult to say ‘Hello’ in person. So, go digital. Ask your child to send out greeting to friends on e-mail and see how many responses you get. But again, why limit it to friends, send it to family members too; maybe a cousin who stays abroad or an aunt you have not spoken to for ages. Use this as an excuse for some family bonding!
  4. Have fun with your youngster as you try to discover how people greet each other in different cultures. Together, learn to say 'Hello' in different languages and use it on people you know. This also gives you an opportunity to spend time and bond with your child, while having fun.
  5. Encourage your child to write letters to the local administration or government leaders telling them about any particular facility or civic amenity that may be lacking in your locality or even in the city. She can give suggestions on how best the problem can be solved. If there is something nice that the local body has done, she can appreciate the effort through the letters. Your child can be encouraged to learn different languages. Go online and find out how people in other countries wish each other. It’s so much fun to learn about other cultures. Learn them and use them on family and friends and spread the word. It is a sure way to bring a smile on everyone’s lips.

Saying 'Hello' in Different Languages

  1. Spanish - Hola
  2. German - Guten Tag
  3. Korean -  Annyeong haseyo
  4. Japanese - Konnichiwa
  5. Hindi - Namaste
  6. Italian - Salve/Ciao
  7. French - Bonjour  

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