Why To Use Reusable Diapers For Your Baby?

Disposable diapers not only harm the environment but also the health of your wallet! Find out why reusable diapers are an option worth considering, and take a look at our list of best buys!

By Siddiqha Naseem  • 10 min read

Why To Use Reusable Diapers For Your Baby?
Parents shopping for colourful and attractive cloth diapers

As convenient as they are, disposable baby diapers may be harmful to your baby. This is because certain harmful chemicals that are known to be carcinogens (cancer-causing substance) are probably used in some disposable diapers. Further, the non-biodegradable nature of the diapers pose a serious threat to our environment. 

Thankfully, there are fabric alternatives that are safer and eco-friendlier. Cloth nappies have been used in India for many generations. These were made from soft cotton sarees and cloth pieces. However, today the market is brimming with ready-made ones that are snug, attractive and leak-proof. Plus, these fabric nappies are lighter, more airy, and delicate on the tender skin of babies.

Read what a mother using cloth diapers has to say:

"My daughter is almost a year old now, and I have been religiously using reusable cloth diapers from the time she was 6 weeks old. Cloth diapers are very cost effective as compared to disposable ones, and having around 10 to 12 should be enough. However, when your baby moves around quite a bit, the microfibre inserts of the diapers sometimes get curled up leading to occasional leaks. This wouldn’t be an issue for newborns. So although it means doing extra baby laundry, being an earth-conscious person, I am very content using reusable diapers for my baby." says Sakina Dhilawala, mother of 11-month-old Shirin. 

Cloth diapers are an excellent choice for the new age conscientious parents such as Sakina. And if you are planning to shift to reusable diapers, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of our top picks of some of the best brands from Amazon and Flipkart.

1. Nabhasya cloth diapers

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Nabhasya Cloth Diaper with Free Bamboo Charcoal Insert-Butterfly and Lilly-Free Size - S - M (2 Pieces)

Age group: 0 - 2 years

Description: Nabhasya cloth diaper's outer layer is made up of newly improved thermoplastic polyurethane laminated fabric. This material is water-resistant, breathable and very durable. The bamboo charcoal insert keeps the eco-friendly diaper dry for four hours and more, thereby helping your baby to stay comfortable. 

Get it from Amazon for 499+ 

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"There’s a great variety of cloth diapers available in the market and online, with adjustable sizes and many buttons. They come in different colours and attractive patterns. You are sure to find one that will snugly fit your baby." adds Sakina, a mother who swears by reusable diapers. 

2. Baby Bucket All-In-One Bottom-Bumpers Cloth Diaper

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Baby Bucket All-In-One Bottom-bumpers Cloth Diaper Set of 5 (Multi Colours)
Age group: 0 - 24 months

Description: Soft polyester material is waterproof, washable and reusable. You also have various colours to choose from. The lovely polka-dotted design on the newborn diapers makes it looks like easy wear for beach time or a splash in the pool. These cute diapers and their inserts can be easily used for 1 to 2 years.

“Disposable diapers are a huge threat to the world. There is no way they can be safely disposed of, since they are a complex kind of waste combining both faecal and non-degradable material. This waste is a pollutant at many levels, from ruining groundwater reserves to contaminating the soil. And it takes a few hundred years to decompose." says Arun Krishnamurthy, Founder, Environmentalist Foundation of India.

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3. Basic by Superbottoms

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Basic by Superbottoms - Certified Soft Fleece Lined Pocket Diaper with 1 Wet Free Insert with Snaps (Blackstar) Age group: 3 months to 3 years 

Description: Superbottoms are tested free of lead and phthalates and thus safe for your baby's tender skin. Its features include being fleece-lined and comes with dry-feel soakers that can be snapped on. Now jumping and falling can be done at free will, as your baby will not hurt  anymore.

"Keeping your baby dry and comfy is important. My baby has never gotten a diaper rash from cloth diapers. Plus, once it gets soiled, it can be easily washed. The diaper company gives clear instructions on how to wash the diapers in the washing machine. It is all very hygienic. I opted for reusable ones after a lot of research and I think more moms should transition to cloth diapers." insists Sakina. 

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4. Softcare premium cotton cloth diapers

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Softcare Large Size Premium Cotton Cloth Padded Reusable Nappy, 5-18 Months (Pack of 3) Velcro ClosingAge group: 5 - 18 months

Description: These reusable baby nappies are easily washable and quickly dries. Affordable and comfortable for your baby, these are a great buy for any parent. The soft, airy and slim fabric is great for your baby. It also has cute motifs on the back, adding to its appeal. 

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5. Chinmay reusable washable cloth diaper

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Chinmay Kids Baby's Cotton Quirk Reusable Washable Cloth Diaper-Combo of 6

Age group: 3 years

Description: Chinmay has comfortable materials with fine workmanship of reusable diapers. The strong absorbents with a better fit for your baby make you use them during long travels.

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6. Mile reusable hosiery cotton diapers

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Mile fashion New Born Washable Reusable Hosiery Cotton Diapers, 0-6 Months (Multicolour) - Pack of 12

Age group: 0 - 6 months

Description: Designed to make your baby feel comfortable and cosy, Mile reusable hosiery cotton nappies for your baby are a best buy. Easy to wash, and adorably designed, they come in packs of vibrant colours. A simple knot keeps these baby nappies in place.

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7. Bumberry pocket style cloth diaper

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Bumberry Pocket Style Cloth Diaper + One Microfiber Insert


Age group: 10 - 12 months

Description: Bumberry cloth diapers have snaps or velcro-style closures, with hi-tech waterproof fabrics that keep leaks at bay. Bio-soft liners make diaper changes a breeze, anywhere, anytime. It comes in vibrant colours and designs, and is a trend-setter among cloth diapers for kids.

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8. Bumberry pocket diapers

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Bumberry Pocket Diaper (Trees) and 1 Microfiber Insert

Age group: 10 - 12 months

Description: Bumberry pocket diapers works effectively with a 'one size' concept. This means you can simply adjust the size between small, medium and large. It contains a high absorption insert containing four layers, which helps in keeping your baby free from wetness for around six hours.

Get it from Flipkart for ₹663 

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How to use baby diapers?

So, go on, take your pick from the above-mentioned best baby diaper brands, one that suits your need and style!

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