Why I Love My Grandparents

Grandparent’s love for grandchildren is special. And, “I love my grandparents” are words almost every grandchild says about grandparents. Read on to know the reasons why your child says that.

By Arun Sharma  • 7 min read

Why I Love My Grandparents

Grandparents love and care for their grandchildren. In fact, they are willing to do anything for their grandkids. When the grandchildren are young, grandparents take on the role of caretakers, playmates, stress relievers, storytellers and instillers of moral values. And, when grandkids grow up, grandparents change themselves too. They become friends, advisers, arbitrators, pillars of support and close confidantes.

Grandchildren, in return, love their grandparents. The love and affection that grandchildren have for their grandparents – both maternal grandparents and paternal grandparents - can’t be described in words. However, listening to what grandkids have to say about their grandparents will help us understand how deep and strong their bond is.

I love my grandparents because…

Here’s what some grandchildren said when asked “I love my grandparents because…”

Both my grandmothers are a form of God on earth. They help me with my daily work like my homework and they always give me suggestions for all my problems. My grandmas cook well and make sure that I have a good meal before going to bed. 

— Saakshath Vijay (11 years old), Chennai

Whenever I fall sick for more than one day, I tell my dad to take me to my grandma’s place. I don’t think anyone can take better care of me than my grandma. On days when I feel like having my favourite dish, I call her up and she prepares it for me. When I score full marks in my exams, my grandpa buys me whatever I ask for. It is a secret deal between us. 

— Zubin (8 years old), Trivandrum

My grandparents take good care of me. My grandfather takes me out for a walk in the park and around the neighbourhood on his bike. He is always ready to play with me whenever I feel bored. He sings songs and advices me on everything. My grandmother is a cheerful woman. She is always smiling and ready to cook whatever I want to eat. I love to crack jokes with them and I love the way they pamper me.

—Samyuktha (14 years old), Chennai

I like my grandmother because she gives me a lot of stuff to eat. My grandfather is an easy victim to play pranks on. I pretend to fall down the stairs and he comes running over, but then I yell, “It’s a prank.” And, the way he reacts is priceless. 

—Brian Daniel Bennett, (12 years old), Chennai

My maternal grandfather buys me exciting science toys and instruments like the microscope, while my grandmother is very encouraging. She speaks good English, and her vocabulary is great. She helps me in writing my speeches and compositions. My paternal grandfather is very active and enthusiastic. While he plays games with me such as football, cricket and uno. However, my grandmother is a bit strict. She makes me study whenever she comes home. I love my grandparents. They are like my friends and so much fun to be with. 

— Ishaan Abraham Pichamuthu (9 years old), Vellore

My grandparentstell me stories and never scold me. 

— Karthik (4 years old), Chennai.

My grandmother teaches me good manners and takes good care of me when I am sick. My grandfather buys me all my favourite food items. 

—Raja Swaminath (9 years old), Chennai

The reason I love my grandparents is that they are the only ones who either forget or forgive my mistakes. 

—Yash Patil (18 years old), Chennai

Grandparents’ love

They way grandparents love their grandchildren is different from that of parents, uncles, aunts and other relatives. Here are a few ways grandparents express their love:

  • Listening to everything that grandchildren have to say – even the most uninteresting things.
  • Making sure the grandchildren are well-fed, comfortable and cared for.
  • Reassuring and comforting grandchildren when they are going through a difficult time.
  • Extending their support to grandchildren at all times and in all situations.
  • Sharing their life experience with their grandchildren.
  • Telling bedtime stories.
  • Calling the grandchildren with special nicknames.
  • Relaxing the rules (yet making sure the grandchildren don’t overstep boundaries).
  • Engaging in activities with grandchildren.

The emotional closeness that grandchildren feel with their grandparents is not visible in any other relationship. Not only do grandchildren feel secure and happy in the presence of their grandparents, but also feel valued and cherished.

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About the author:

Written by Arun Sharma on 8 September 2017; last updated on 6 April 2020.

The author was associated with the healthcare industry before becoming a full-time writer and editor. A doting father to two preteens, he believes in experiential learning for his children. Also, he loves mountain trekking and nature trips.

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