Why am I not attached to my child?

Do you think you are concerned more about 'yourself' than your child?

By Team ParentCircle

It’s tough, isn’t it, when mothers are expected to experience and display typical maternal behaviour, but they don’t? Well, here’s the truth. The ‘maternal instinct’ and love at the first sight of your baby are myths that make you feel guilty and ashamed of your real feelings – be it indifference or dislike. Studies show that this myth has been built mostly upon assumptions, expectations and predefined behaviours. Add to this the cultural notions asserting that bonding with baby is the most natural thing to happen, that have been earnestly handed down to us through generations of parents. Surprised to read all this so far? Well, there’s more unfolding in our Parent-Expert Series this month as we look at some experiences shared by our readers, followed by our expert Arundhati Swamy’s words of wisdom.

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