What Happens In A Baking Class

Wouldn’t it be great if your child learns to bake a spongy cake for you this Christmas? In our Learning series this month, let's peek into baking classes for a closer look at how baking is taught?

By Shashwathi Sandeep

We all love cakes. The fluffy baked beauties are an all-time favourite for people of all ages. Interestingly, baking a cake is as enjoyable as tasting one. How about letting your child have fun as he bakes his own cake? In the process, your child will be blessed with several other important traits like precision, perseverance and a pursuit of excellence. Keen to know what is taught in a baking class and how to go about the whole process? We take you to a baking class in a city known for some great baking experiences - Chennai. From confidence to creativity, there is a host of things your child will learn as he bakes a hot delicious cake. Here we go!

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