What Do They Teach In An Art Class?

In our learning series this month, we are venturing into the exciting world of art. Come, let’s visit an art class and find out what it has to offer your child.

By Shashwathi Sandeep

As a child, probably one of the first things you did, was to pick up some crayons and scribble on a piece of paper. You found a meaning in every scribble or just about every line you drew without worrying about what others thought. Those were the good old times when you had very little distractions. But, do today’s children, completely preoccupied with super-cool gadgets and a techno-powered lifestyle, appreciate art the same way as we did? Well, we take you through some prominent art classes in Chennai, one of the art hubs of India. Our goal is to figure out how children are taught to express themselves through art. Time to explore…

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