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We’re Perfectly Imperfect, And That’s Okay

Do you worry about not doing enough for your child? Are you constantly trying to live by parenting ‘rules’? Do you long for the ‘perfect’ parent tag? Then this one’s for you.

By Divya Ramesh

It was a typical Monday morning. My 2-year-old daughter was fiddling with her toy laptop, while I was hurriedly trying to finish cooking. After a few minutes of play, she came running to the kitchen, lifted up her arms and demanded to be carried. Juggling bowls and plates in my hand, I told her to go to her dad, forgetting that my husband was in a virtual meeting in the next room. She ran to my husband’s room and banged on the door. When there was no response, she came running back to me. “Carry me,” she said, and this time her voice had an edge to it. I gave her a pleading look. I had a work meeting to attend too, starting in a couple of minutes. With a helpless shrug, I switched on our spare laptop, played her favourite song ‘Fire on the Mountain’ and rushed to attend my meeting.

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