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Ways to curb aggression in young children

Children are not born aggressive. They learn to become one. Aggression in children needs to be managed early in life. How can you, as a parent, do that? Find out in our top focus for this month.

By Dr Sulata Shenoy and Rajesh Viswanathan

Once an aggressive child, always an aggressive child! No, that’s not true! So, don’t fret if your young one is exhibiting aggressive behaviour. The best news here is that you are dealing with young children who are in preschool or kindergarten, which means it is also the best age to take corrective measures. First and foremost, do not believe children will outgrow their aggressive behaviour on their own. That’s a dangerous assumption to make. Aggressive children will need a good dose of positive and nurturing discipline. Punishing an aggressive child in an inappropriate manner can worsen matters. Positive social behaviour-enabling environment is the only way your ward is going to reverse his aggressive behaviour. Here’s what you should do:

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