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Watch Out For Growth Spurts In Your Child

Ever wondered why your baby’s pants have shrunk overnight or why his shirt is suddenly too tight? Yes, growth spurts are for real! Read on to know more.

By Divya Sainathan

Keerthi Anand, a first-time mother, settled into a comfortable feeding relationship with her six-week-old daughter, after a month of struggle with latching issues. Then, out of the blue, the feeds started getting longer and more frequent. There was a lot of pressure from her family to top up her baby’s feeds with formula. Her baby was cranky and wanted to be held all the time. Her sleep pattern appeared to change as well, with naps getting longer and more frequent. "I was tired, frustrated and overwhelmed. I was worried that my baby was sick. On the third day, we rushed to the paediatrician," says Keerthi. What follows is a conversation with the doctor.

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