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Waldorf Education : Head, Heart And Hands

In our curriculum series this month, come discover the magic of Waldorf Education and see what it can offer your child.

By Sindhu Sivalingam

As I walk into Indradhanu, a Waldorf-inspired school, I see children in brightly coloured dresses hopping out of school and waving goodbye to their teachers. Most of them are not wearing their shoes. To my left is a sandpit with a customised climbing frame near it. The climbing frame has been put together using wooden poles, tightropes, safety nets and planks. There is no particular shape to it, but it sure looks like great fun! As I continue my walk, I hear the sound of a flute playing. I catch glimpses of several rooms that resemble rooms in our homes and I see some teachers sitting inside, knitting. I also walk past a large, neat kitchen on my way to the principal’s room. As I enter her room, I am amazed looking at the walls, which are completely painted in the colours of the rainbow! Mud sculptures, and handicrafts made out of wool and twigs decorate the shelves in the room. I sit down on a wooden chair, eager to learn all about this magic of Waldorf Education.

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