Wake Up, Kid!

How do you get your young child to wake up from bed without battles? That’s the topic of discussion this month in our Parent-Expert series.

By Team ParentCircle

The pressure cooker’s whistle goes off, your spouse is calling for you from across the room, and the dog needs to be fed. In all the hustle and bustle of the mornings, one thing stays undisturbed – your child’s slumber! He is in his own world, dreaming away. A sight to behold, but definitely not when the clock is ticking away on what promises to be a super busy morning. You do not like to be late to work every day, nor do you like it if your child is late to school on a regular basis. So, how do you handle this? Let’s first hear from an anguished lot of parents before hearing from our very own Arundhati Swamy.

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