Virtual Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Help your child make Father's Day special with these heartwarming 'virtual' gifts! No more worries about delayed gifts

By Kerina De Floras  • 10 min read

Virtual Gift Ideas For Father's Day
“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way”

Dads around the world have one more reason to rejoice this weekend – it is Father’s Day! Father’s Day celebrations have been around from as early as 1910 and has been gaining popularity over the years. Some popular traditions followed on this day are – breakfast in bed for dad, a handwritten letter, a spa day, a movie or a special dinner, and sometimes even a family reunion. Every family might have their own tradition too, but it is all about moms and kids making the day special for the person who has been their support, leader, protector and guide. While the imposed lockdown may not permit you to pamper your husband or dad this Father’s Day, there is a way to give him the perfect surprise!

Don’t worry about your gift not reaching on time or having to go shopping amid this crisis – virtual gifts are what you need! Virtual gifts are equally heartwarming, add a personal touch to the gift and are just a click away. Moms, you can help your kids get their dad a perfect gift for Father’s Day and celebrate his role in your family, just like every year. Check out our curated list of gifts and choose one, depending on your husband or dad’s interest or personality. Happy clicks!

For the Dad who has everything

Although this is the first idea that pops into your mind, making a handcrafted video for your husband or dad is probably what he will cherish. Here are a few ideas to make a video for his day.

1. Flashback

This video can feature a timeline of pictures starting from your pregnancy, starring your husband. Include pictures from the early days of his fatherhood – first time he held your child, first bicycle lesson, first time he slept while putting your kid to sleep and more. Move on to the recent days’ pictures and include a voice over of your children talking about each picture. There are apps which just require you to upload your photo and a caption to create a perfect flashback video.

2. My Superhero

Make a themed video featuring pictures and videos of your husband playing a different role in each one – chef (when he made dinner for you), handyman (when he fixed your child’s bicycle), protector (when he baby-proofed the whole house) and others. Use special captions and include a special video at the end of your children talking about their superhero dad.

3. Thank You Dad

Nothing can make a dad’s day better than being in the spotlight when his family celebrates him. Make a heartwarming video of a handful of pictures showing how thankful you are to have him. Choose pictures from special days to add more emotion. This one is going to be a real tear inducer, so keep the tissues handy.

For the Proud or Emotional Dad

Virtual Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Dads always love and appreciate any effort from their children to make them feel special. This one will make your husband stay on cloud nine! Spend time with your child and help him write a special note to dad, talking about what he loves about him. Post this on his social media account or send it on whatsapp and watch his transition from being surprised to shedding happy tears, as he reads the special poem or note. You can also choose a template online and type your child’s message in this to send it to him.

For the Geek

If your husband loves a new challenge, then what better way to surprise him than sending him a secret code to decrypt? Help your child look online for a good site to hide a secret message for Father’s Day into a QR code. There are many sites which provide detailed steps on how to do this, and in no time, you will have your own QR code with a secret wish. Ask your child to send this to his dad on Father’s Day and help him unlock the surprise by scanning the QR code to reveal the message. Your child will love doing this too, so it is going to be a fun gift!

For the Bookworm

The mister loves books? Then this will be the perfect gift to make his day. Help your child choose his dad’s favourite book and purchase it online as a gift. It can be a book, his favourite magazine, an audio book or an ebook, whatever your husband prefers. Check his wishlist on various online shopping accounts to shortlist what you want to buy.

For the Subscriber

Virtual Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Does he have a favourite book or magazine he subscribes to? Or is he a fan of all the latest music albums? Make Father’s Day special by gifting him a subscription of either of these. Purchase this along with your child and include a special message when you mail him the details of the subscription. He will be more than pleased with this thoughtful gift!

For the Puzzle Maniac

Enlist your family or husband’s friends for this one. With your child’s help, assign each person a number and send them a clue to a puzzle. On Father’s Day, ask each person to send him a mail, according to their number, starting from the person with the number ‘1’. All the other participants must be in ‘Bcc’. Each mail will have a clue, and when your husband figures out the answer, he replies to the mail. If his answer is right, the next person has to send the clue. This goes on till he cracks the final clue and wins a big prize - probably a handmade card from your child, his favourite homecooked meal, a coupon for free hugs, an ecard or a ‘super dad’ poster designed by your child online. He will enjoy the day, doing what he does best!

For the Foodie

Who doesn’t love to be pampered by his family with his favourite delicacies on his special day? Order in his favourite meal or dessert using a food delivery app if he loves all things ‘food’. Also include cards or notes from your children and ask them to read it out to him as he savours the delicious meal. To make it extra special, put on his favourite movie and let him enjoy as he eats. As they say, they way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!

For the Kind-Hearted

Virtual Gift Ideas For Father's Day

If your husband has a big heart and loves to help people around him, this will definitely move him! Help your child pick a charitable organization according to what his dad might like and make a donation in his name. Send the thank you note or email from the organization to him on Father’s Day. He will be happy and proud that his child has taken after him, and nothing can be a better gift than that!

For the Nature Lover

Is he always taking steps to keep the environment clean and green? Surprise him on Father’s Day with this gift to blow him away! Look online for organisations that plant trees on your behalf and plant one in his name. You will receive a thank you note, probably with a location of where your tree will be planted. Make him feel special that his own tree is being nurtured every day. Some sites also allow you to track the growth of the tree online, so you can try that too. This is a great gift for someone who loves to plant trees but lives in an apartment.

Use one or more of these ideas to help your child make Father’s Day special for his dad. Add a special handmade gift for extra delight like a card, ‘dad’ poster, personalized gifts and more, handcrafted by your child. No more worried waits for the delivery of your gift to pamper the man who completes your world! 

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