Useful To-Do List Apps to Help Busy Parents

If you are a hassled parent, who often forgets to get the groceries or to remind your child to feed the dog, here’s help. Our list of the most useful task management apps will make your life easier

By Sahana Charan  • 7 min read

Useful To-Do List Apps to Help Busy Parents

Are you always struggling to get things done on time? Do you find it difficult to remember important tasks that need to be completed within a deadline? You are not the only one.

Many parents find it strenuous to do multi-tasking and in the daily rush between buying groceries, picking up children from school and finishing that important presentation, they may forget some essential task or the other. When you are juggling work and home, task management in itself is quite a burden. If you are not smart about it, you will end up prioritising the less important work and forgetting the more significant ones.

These days task management apps are so efficient, they can accomplish what even your personal assistant probably cannot. All you have to do is download the to-do list app of your choice and watch your pains melt away. Here’s a pick of some of the best task management apps for you --

1. Toodledo -- This one is simple yet powerful in managing your tasks and projects. The formatting is in outline style on a single page, which makes it easy to manage and operate this app. The app has some great features -- you can write long notes, make custom lists and share lists with friends and family members and track your habits. The app will safely store and sync all your data to your devices. The ‘hotlist’ section allows you to store the tasks that are most important. Following a schedule was never this easy, because with this app you can also create repeating tasks and get reminders for things to do, when you are in the current location.  It is available free on all Android and iOS devices

2.Splendo -- This is one of those applications perfectly suited for busy working parents, as it has features which are applicable for both work and home. This one has a smart task list for everyday use. You can add and remove tasks, prioritise tasks and tick off the ones, which have been completed. It also allow you t set reminders. The app has a fairly simple design so navigating is not too difficult and more or less user-friendly. What’s more, you can also add tasks via voice. This one definitely allows you to be better organised, especially if you are the forgetting kind and lets you focus on the most important tasks to be finished. Available free on Android devices.

3. Todoist -- This all-purpose app is on everyone’s favourite list and the beauty of Todoist is that it can be used on any platform you want. It has a clean design and is very easy to use -- a perfect one for busy mothers running around to accomplish a hundred things. It organises all your tasks into three important sections -- Inbox, Today and Next 7 Days. The Inbox will have tasks that you have not yet started working on, and as the name suggests, Today will have things that you need to finish on that day, while the last one is for tasks o be accomplished for the next one week. One the highlights of the app is the language processing, which means that putting in the tasks is really easy. Other features include sharing tasks with family and friends and location-based reminders. Free on Android, iOS and Windows, with a premium paid version.

4. Remember the Milk -- This one has been around for some time, but is still one of the most popular task management apps. Developed by tech experts, who kept forgetting their tasks and decided to build an app for it, Remember the Milk is one of those tools, which is perfect for managing the household, as the name suggests. You can add your tasks easily and without hassle in one line with the Smart Add feature. There is also provision in the same line to put in the due date, priority, tags and repeat tasks. Free on Android and iOS, with an option to upgrade to a Pro version for a fee.

5. Google Keep -- Most of us are so used to our Gmail accounts and other Google tools, which we use from time to time, without thinking twice about it. But did you know there is an the app from the same stable called Google Keep, which allows you to manage all your tasks efficiently? This application is specifically useful for creating to-do lists quickly, apart from adding images, text notes and lists. You can add as many as tasks as you want and the app will remind you about the tasks that need to be completed on a particular date. It is a simple app, which is useful for household use such as grocery lists, tasks to be completed at home and so on. Available free on Android devices.   

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