Father's Day Special: Types Of Dads We Know

Cool, nerdy, protective or absentminded, dads are unique in their own way. So, what type is your dad? Find out here!

By Kerina De Floras  • 12 min read

Father's Day Special: Types Of Dads We Know
“Dads are the most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, and singers of a song” – Pam Brown

Dad, papa, daddy, pop, dada, appa, baba – just like there are so many ways to call them, dads come in various types. This may depend on their personality, behaviour, parenting methods, skills, ‘cool’ quotient and more. Some of these dads we know, some we have seen, and however different they seem, all of them are loving and extraordinary in their own way. This Father’s Day read about these fun ‘dad’ types and see which one fits your dad perfectly!

Overly Proud Dad

All dads are proud of their children and love to show them off. Some dads display this subtly, but not this dad. He loves to talk about how his child called him ‘dada’ or how his daughter graduated with flying colours. He provides unending support and positivity and refuses to give up on his kids.

How to recognize him?

This dad is proud of who you are at any time. He is constantly talking about you to his friends, giving you encouraging slaps on the back, cheering from the stands at every game or play at school. He possibly embarrasses you by calling out your nickname in public, or with his loud goodbyes when he drops you at school every day. You are sometimes mad at him for this, but you love what he does for you.

The Protective Dad

This dad is nothing short of a tiger in marking his territory – he owns and guards it with his life. He loves and protects his family and always keeps an eye out for ‘uneventful’ incidents. He is ready to catch his toddler from rolling out of bed, cautious when his daughter is on the swing and probably has quicker reflexes than a cat.

How to recognize him?

Anybody coming over to you needs to get through him first, and that’s almost impossible. This dad might be the reason you wear protective gear even when you ride your bicycle around the house. You possibly need to prepare for countless questions when you head out with friends – every single time. You enjoy making fun of how he runs to you when you shout ‘Daaaaad’.

The Workaholic

Father's Day Special: Types Of Dads We Know

Know the serious dad buried in his phone or laptop? Well, this is him. He is almost never seen without his phone, and mom’s ‘no phone’ rule at the breakfast table does not apply to him. He is hardly noticed in a room, and his ears have magically shut out the kids’ noise. He might be at the park ‘watching’ his kids play, but still radiates a work environment.

How to recognize him?

He is almost always buried in his phone. He just said ‘Very good’, immersed in his mails, when you told him you did not complete your homework. He hardly pays attention unless absolutely necessary, so it makes getting his permission for things easy for you. He is a focused person who listens intently and gives you the best advice when you talk to him. He may not be the best example to follow a work/life balance, but he is always there when you need him.

The Handyman

Mr. Fix It All knows how everything works in the house – the lights, the smoke detector, the water pump and even the refrigerator. He never puts away fixing things at home, even on a weekend. He also loves building things and the house is full of models of birdhouses, T joints and what not.

How to recognize him?

This dad has magic fingers – he just fixed the oven that was declared ‘beyond repair’. He loves to take apart appliances and put them back together. You love his toolbox, but you are allowed to see that only from a safe distance. He tries to teach you what a spanner is used for, how to fix a geyser, and you can now name most of the parts under a car’s hood. You have been with him to the hardware store more times than to the park. You look up to him because you believe he knows everything under the sun.

The Cool Dad

Father's Day Special: Types Of Dads We Know

He is charming, exceedingly calm and looks younger than he really is. He is patient and attentive to his family’s needs and he talks to his children like his friends. This dad is everyone’s dream.

How to recognize him?

You can spot him in any crowded room, as he is holding everyone’s attention. He lights up any dull moment, and you can talk to him about anything. Although you have many close friends, you look forward to spending time with him. He is cheerful, funny, up for any challenge and you can talk to him about anything. He always has a trick up his sleeve and gives your family many surprises – road trips, vacations and sometimes even pets.

The Absentminded Dad

Believe it or not, this is almost every dad. Whether it is because he has too much on his mind, or he simply chooses to ditch details, this dad has trouble recollecting things. There is never a dull moment when he is around, as he simply forgets them.

How to recognize him?

He never seems to remember what he needs to buy at the supermarket, and he probably forgot to bring mom’s detailed list too. You can always buy things you like when you are with him, because who remembers what you need anyway? He has lost his keys twice – in a month. He calls you his ‘Google’ because you are his ‘search’ engine. He might not recognize your friend he met a day ago, but he always knows what you like.

The Nerd

Father's Day Special: Types Of Dads We Know

This dad loves to read and equip his knowledge. He can talk about anything from farming and marine life to how stars are formed. He quietly observes things around him and is deep in thought or in conversation about how the world works.

How to recognize him?

He can teach you more than your books ever will, and he gives you real life lessons like how the Earth revolves or how an ecosystem thrives. His vast knowledge is because he yearns to know about the unknown and never stops learning. You can’t get enough of talking to him, and every time he amazes you with facts like how to develop a fully functional ecosystem in a fish tank or how earthworms help the farmer. He might also love superheroes and movie nights with him are the best.

The Health-Conscious Dad

This dad does not compromise on anything when it comes to his family’s health. Millets, local vegetables, farm fresh ingredients are his specialty. He tries to convince everyone about the benefits of a healthy diet and is often immersed in books talking about them.

How to recognize him?

He has completely changed the family’s meal plan. You now eat reddish brown dosas made entirely from millets, brown rice is the ‘new normal’, and the vegetables are directly brought in from farms. He loves gardening and encourages you to do so too, and you know where the food on your plate is from, thanks to him. He also prefers walking outside than hitting the gym. You are proud of your dad, even though you still don’t appreciate the sticky rice and the ‘healthy’ snacks. 

The Chef

Father's Day Special: Types Of Dads We Know

He is inspired to cook, probably from the many cooking and food shows he watches. This dad is a great help for mom and the family enjoys delicious meals, thanks to his exceptional skills. He is also a foodie and does not shy away from tasting different street foods and cuisines.

How to recognize him?

He cooks up a storm for the whole family and loves when praised about it. You are awed by his knife skills and the way he tosses the contents in a frying pan. Looking at him cook makes you hungry and the dishes he serves look too pretty to touch, and even better to eat. Even though mom feels he could clean up as well as he cooks, nobody minds the messy kitchen after the food is served. You love to spend time with him as he cooks, and you are his official taste and quality checker.

The Couch Potato

This dad is seen on the couch after work, and every second after that. The news seems to fascinate him and keeps him hooked, as the dusk turns into night. The rest of the family get a rare chance to grab their favourite program between the breaks.

How to recognize him?

He loves the television and can watch news on repeat. He has a vacant expression most of the time – perfect to get your report cards signed. He knows more about movies than you do and the best spot on the couch to watch tv undisturbed. He manages to work, eat and ‘chill’ at his spot. Sometimes you catch him dozing off, but you still haven’t been able to make him budge. You find it amazing how he still manages to answer your question, ten minutes later, without batting an eyelid. He is a repository of current affairs, politics and world events and your very own encyclopedia.

While there may be so many types of dads out there, one thing they all have in common is how they love their family unconditionally. As they held you in their hands for the first time, they made a promise to be there for you and love you – a promise they have all kept. May this day and the next million ones be dedicated to all the amazing dads who have showed us life as we know it! 

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Written by Kerina De Floras on 17 June 2020.

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