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Tuberculosis and Children: All You Need To Know

This World Tuberculosis Day (March 24), we talk to a top medical professional to understand everything about the dreaded disease. We also do a ‘myths versus facts’ exercise in the process.

By Ashwin Dewan

According to the TB Report 2017 released by the WHO, an estimated 27.9 lakh Indians suffered from TB in 2016. While that is a worrying statistic, what’s even more disturbing is the fact that our nation still suffers from low awareness on the subject. So, what can you, as a parent, do to ensure your child remains protected? If you are a parent whose child is suffering from TB, do not get worked up. Apart from the medicines prescribed by the doctor, there are other ways to help your child recover faster. We now interact with Dr NC Gowrishankar, Deputy Head, Paediatrics at Dr Mehta’s Children’s Hospital, Chennai, to understand in greater detail, the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and myths versus facts related to TB.

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