Toy Story 4: Exclusive Movie Review By A Teen

Toys coming to life is every child's dream! Though the movie doesn't add much to the Toy Story franchise, does Toy Story 4 still make for a worthwhile watch? Let's hear what a teen has to say!

By Vanshika Devuni Kalanidhi  • 6 min read

Toy Story 4: Exclusive Movie Review By A Teen
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Rating: ★★★☆☆

Toy Story 4 Movie Review

When I was way younger, I was your typical playing-with-toys toddler. I had a million stuffed toys, and gave each of them names. I tried hard to fit them all on my bed so they wouldn’t feel left out. I really cared about those toys.

Now, I’m fourteen and I’m sure my mom gave away my toys without telling me, but I don’t really care since I’m not into toys anymore. So, this movie is a kick in the gut to me and makes me feel guilty about not playing with toys anymore.


Woody has been replaced! He’s no longer the favorite toy since he’s given away to Bonnie by his previous owner, Andy. On a road trip before Bonnie’s kinder-garden, he tries hard to be a good friend to Bonnie. Along the way he meets more friends – new and old. Will he pick a new life with them or remain faithful to Bonnie?

Even though I’m fourteen, I enjoyed this movie. It isn’t a masterpiece, but it also isn’t a waste of time. I feel like Toy Story should have ended with Toy Story 3, because this is more of a filler, and doesn’t add much to the series. It also does not have the ‘Wow’ factor of the previous films. That being said, it’s a good watch if you haven’t seen the previous films.


I like this movie because of its humour. Humour makes it less boring, and more engaging. Some scenes that I like in particular are: the scene where Buzz and Co have to find the cupboard keys, Forky wanting to be trash (same), Buttercup wanting to get the dad arrested all the time, and Ducky and Bunny having the same strategy for every problem. I also enjoyed watching the toys talk about their humans the way people talk about relationships.


I also love how the movie establishes Woody’s desire to be loved again; how he’s hung up on Andy and is heartbroken about losing him. His struggles with Forky and how he talks to Forky made me feel a bit bad for him.


I also have to applaud the animators. I’m impressed by how many emotions they could show on a fork with some clay on it. I also love their detail to lighting – the carnival was bright and well-lit, making it seem fun; the vintage store was darker and felt cold and unwelcoming. Their attention to detail is amazing and made the last shot of the carnival incredible.


Something fresh I like about this movie is the ending (minor spoilers ahead). I thought the movie was going to end in the most obvious way possible. Instead, it gave me a kinda-predictable-but-not-cliché ending. I’m tired of everything working out perfectly for the protagonists in the end. This movie is different. While things do work out for Woddy, it’s not in the way you’d expect. The ending was good because of everything we’ve previously established in the movie.

You’d enjoy this movie if you like funny stuff and toys. For Toy Story fans, this movie is not a must-watch, but it’s not a bad movie either. Instead of rushing to buy tickets, I recommend you watch it online when it becomes available.

Takeaways from the Toy Story 4 movie:

  1. Listen to your inner voice – your conscience.
  2. Don’t wait for something to happen, get out and MAKE it happen.
  3. Loyalty might be important, but your personal happiness is more important.
  4. You’re never truly lost, if you’re in the presence of love.
  5. You shouldn’t have to change yourself just for someone to like you.

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The Toy Story 4 cast:

Tom Hanks: Woody

Tim Allen: Buzz Lightyear

Annie Potts: Bo Peep

Tony Hale: Forky

Madeleine McGraw: Bonnie

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