Top Reasons To Vaccinate Your Child

A child’s health is topmost priority for every parent. But, it’s important to realise that besides a healthy diet and adequate activity, it is vital to follow his vaccination schedule to the T.

By Ashwin Dewan  • 6 min read

Top Reasons To Vaccinate Your Child

Seeing your child sick and lying in bed the whole day can be a difficult situation for you. A visit to the doctor followed by the prescribed medicines might help your child recover fast. But, don’t you wish for the sickness to not have occurred in the first place? So, what can you do? The answer is a simple one – vaccinations.

You know about the importance of car seat belts, baby gates, and other methods to keep your child safe. More important than all these external precautions is vaccination – the procedure that starts at a very early age and continues into adulthood. Vaccinating your child on time is one way to protect him against many deadly and serious diseases like polio, measles, diphtheria, chickenpox, mumps, tuberculosis, etc.

Vaccinations are safe and effective

When you decide to take your child for vaccination, rest assured that the vaccine to be given to your child passes many tests and review by scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals. Although there may be certain side effects like redness and swelling during the shot procedure, they are mild and will go away. In fact, the disease-prevention benefits of getting vaccinated are much greater compared to these minor side effects.

Know the importance of vaccinating your child by going through the following video.

Why vaccinate your child?

In India, several vaccines are available for newborns, infants, teens and adults. They are administered based on the prescribed dosage at the mentioned period. This article looks at reasons why vaccination is essential for your child.

  • Your child’s life is precious:

With more and more advances in medical science, your child’s life is safer today than before. Follow the vaccine schedule prescribed by your paediatrician to safeguard your child against life-threatening diseases. A few decades ago, India had many cases of polio. However, due to effective vaccines and vaccination programmes, India has been declared a polio-free nation.

According to an article published in, children should be given the polio vaccine at the following ages:

1) 1st dose at 2 months

2) 2nd dose at 4 months

3) 3rd dose at 6-18 months

4) Booster dose at 4-6 years of age

  • Saves your family time and money

Vaccinating your child as per schedule will ensure she remains safe from diseases. An added advantage is that it saves you time and money. Some diseases that are prevented by vaccines lead to prolonged disabilities that can take a financial toll on your family due to factors like leave from work, medical bills and long-term disability care. Getting your child vaccinated for diseases can save you this trouble.

  • Vaccines help protect future generations as well

Vaccines have eliminated some and reduced the spread of many diseases that were responsible for killing and disabling people a few decades ago. One example is the smallpox vaccine that eradicated the disease worldwide. So, your child has one less shot to receive. In this manner, vaccines can protect future generations as well.

By regularly taking their children for vaccines, parents in the future can rest safe in the knowledge that some diseases prevalent today might no longer be there.

  • Children who are not vaccinated can spread diseases

Children who are not vaccinated can spread certain diseases to other children, including those who are too young to be vaccinated and those with a weak immune system. This could result in suffering from long-term complications or even, death.

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