Top Parenting Instagram Accounts Every Parents Should Follow

Today’s parents are more attuned to social media than ever before. And when it comes to Instagram, following the right (parenting) account comes with a host of benefits.

By Ashwin Dewan  • 3 min read

Top Parenting Instagram Accounts Every Parents Should Follow

Welcome to the world of social media. One where a simple swipe or a follow button becomes your gateway to a virtual world that has on offer just about everything and anything.

And this includes parenting, and all things related to kids. Do you want to know what to feed your kid? The latest in kids apparel? Or maybe child-security related tech... or even research data on child behaviour, etc... Social media has them all. And topping the list is Instagram - there's something for every parent, and child, on it. So, don't feel you're doing it all alone... join the gang and have a spot of fun, parents!

Scroll down to take your pick from a compilation of the top Instagram parenting accounts. As you navigate through the trials and tribulation of child rearing, these accounts will make you realize that you are not alone.

Popular Instagram Accounts For Parents

1. scarymommy 

85 million women, united by motherhood – reads the opening lines of the bio of @scarymommy, which is popular among parents. Follow this account to get a dose of just about everything – memes, tweets, videos, pictures, and quotes that range from touching to encouraging to downright funny. 

2. parentcircle

Empowering parents to raise children through holistic parenting. When a parenting account has a bio with these lines, parents can rest assured they have come to the right place. @parentcircle seems to have a right mix of everything – from parenting quotes to number of parenting issues, funny parenting memes to live sessions with parenting experts, delicious recipes to DIY for both kids and parents and more.

Recently, they have launched a new series called #ParentsOfIndia, which is about parenting stories shared by users. Overall, a good Instagram account to follow.

3. curious.parenting

Are you having trouble teaching your son to say sorry? Struggling to control yourself from yelling at your kids? A tad heavy on text rather than images and memes, its an account that touches upon most parenting topics.

4. lunchboxdad  

With schools in most states of India having opened / about to open for senior classes, it is only a matter of time before the junior classes are called back. And this is where @lunchboxdad comes to the rescue. How? Well, this account suggests and shows creative and, more importantly, fun ways to pack your child’s lunch. Disney’s Frozen-themed lunchbox anyone?

5. happytoddlerplaytime 

Being a parent to a toddler can be both fun and exhausting… All at the same time. Any parent would testify to the difficult task of keeping toddlers occupied. Run by a mom of three, this Instagram account is great for parents looking for activities, crafts and learning games for toddlers. 

6. candidchildhood 

This account showcases images of kids and parents, capturing beautifully the simple and magical moments of parenting and childhood. A baby sleeping blissfully without a care in the world, a happy toddler posing with a snowman, a mother looking at her little one with pride - you get the drift?

7. MyKidCantEatThis

Here, parents share pictures of the food that their little ones have outright refused to eat and also include the reason why their kids could not eat it. Some of the pictures will have you offer your sympathy to the parents!

Happy Parenting folks, and have fun while you go about it. 

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Written by Ashwin Dewan on February 16, 2021.

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