Top Children's Room Decor Ideas for 2018

Thinking of refurbishing your child’s room to make it trendier? We give you some amazing design suggestions for kids’ rooms that are set to be popular in 2018

By Sahana Charan  • 9 min read

Top Children's Room Decor Ideas for 2018
High on aesthetics yet functional

When Sushma and her husband decided to get an elegant bedroom designed for their six-year-old daughter, Kavya, they were in a dilemma over where they could get information on children’s décor and what theme to choose for the little girl’s room. They flipped through several interior design magazines and browsed online for inspiration but ended up being more confused.

Vintage appeal, minimalism or superhero-inspired? Bright colours, cartoon characters or something subtler to suit their daughter’s personality – these were some of the questions running in their minds. Just like kid’s toys and clothes, trends in children’s room décor keep changing and getting refreshed every few years. Parents, these days, want uniquely designed and picture-perfect rooms for their children that are high on aesthetics yet functional.

In 2018, the focus is on subtle, elegant décor with some pops of colour. A lot of the trends in kid-inspired design ideas that were popular last year, have been inched out and some new and offbeat decor ideas are in vogue now. We give you a lowdown on what’s hot in children’s room décor in 2018 –

1. Travel and Voyage 

Journeys are a big part of every family’s life and while some people might be homebodies, others want to explore new places and tread the unknown path. Parents who want to pass on their love of the wanderlust to their children, can start with the most intimate space, the child’s room. Think giant world maps, cute globe and compass-based décor items, a big hot-air balloon mural, bedding with airplanes and train motifs, shelves and storage items in the shape of suitcases and so on. You could also extend this to the ships and voyage theme, if your child is a water-transport aficionado. This design trend will surely bring out the traveler in your little one.

2. Minimalism 

Top Children's Room Decor Ideas for 2018

While some parents still want bright, colourful and cutesy rooms for their little ones, many others who want to try something new and elegant are going for minimal and unisex looks for their child’s bedroom. Muted colours, whites and pastels, wallpapers with abstract or geometric prints, clean lines with furniture that promotes a clutter-free look, and offbeat and quirky accessories are the hallmarks of this décor idea. Such a look is easy to replicate and will last the child for a long time.

“While a lot of parents are still very particular about blues and greys for boys and pinks and purples for girls, there has also been a shift to more offbeat ideas, with parents asking for unisex themes and colours, and more subtle and elegant décor that is not cutesy. This idea has been taken forward mostly by architects who want to break away from typical children’s design themes to more offbeat, creative and cool ideas that need not be changed as the child grows,” says Harini T R, Chennai-based architect.

Such designs are also affordable to create because they last from preschooler to teen. As the child grows up, the accessories can be updated to suit her age and refresh the room.

3. Adventure sports 

Children who love the outdoors and are geared towards activities that are physically demanding, will love the adventure sports theme for their room. So, you can focus on themes based on activities such as mountain/rock climbing, motor-cross, mountain biking, skateboarding and so on and design the room accordingly. For e.g., you can have elements such as grooves on the wall to mimic a rock climbing experience, rugged wooden signboards with names of places for the trekking and mountain climbing fan, bed linen with bike or skateboard prints, in rugged colours, photo frames or wall hangings in race car shapes and patterns and much more, the options are endless.

4. Playschool-Inspired 

Ladders, ropes, cute book shelves attached to the study unit and bright-coloured, kid-friendly furniture are what define the playschool-inspired décor for children’s rooms. This theme is apt for toddlers and preschoolers who are in the playschool stage but can also be extended to preteens, who are excited about a room that has a den-like vibe. You can add elements such as activity mats, indoor swings and so on. 

“One of the features of playschool-inspired theme is the den within a den idea. This is extremely popular with children as it gives them a sense of fun and adventure. In this theme, the storage units, bookshelves and sleeping area are coordinated in such a way that the room looks like a cozy den. An important element of this décor idea includes a bunk bed above the storage space with ladder or rope detail. This is also a clever space-saving technique,” adds Harini.

5. Superhero characters 

Top Children's Room Decor Ideas for 2018

Which child doesn’t have a superhero twin that he adores? Children’s décor draws a lot from superheroes and lovable cartoon characters. Parents can make the most of this trend by designing their little one’s room based on the character that their child looks up to. You can choose from the latest heroes that children have taken a fancy to - from Iron Man and Spider Man to Harry Potter and Dora the Explorer.  

“This décor idea never goes out of fashion. Many parents ask for the superhero theme for their child’s bedroom – it could be simple additions such as lights, lamps and clocks to more customised stuff such as wall papers with the favourite character. These days, custom-made mosaic tiles put together in the form of a superhero or cartoon character have become quite popular,” she says.

Important elements for children’s room parents can keep in mind --

  • Den within a den
  • Custom-made mosaic tiles
  • Wall murals
  • Accent walls
  • Night sky ceilings
  • Wall paper with abstract prints

Designing a child’s room and bringing the décor idea to fruition takes a lot of nurturing and coordination. As a parent, one should also keep in mind that a child’s comfort should be the foremost thing while refurbishing a room and this should not be comprised in the name of trendy décor.

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