Top 10 Reasons To Enrol Your Child In A Summer Camp

Are you still unsure about sending your child to a summer camp? We give enough reasons that will help you make up your mind and pack off your little one for a fun experience

By Shashwathi Sandeep  • 7 min read

Top 10 Reasons To Enrol Your Child In A Summer Camp

As much as you would love to spend time with your kids during the holidays, after a while the summer vacations do get a little monotonous. Often, parents struggle to spend quality time with children, because of work constraints. Children run out of ideas to play at home and start getting bored. Solution? Bundle them up to a summer camp. These days, there is a lot more on offer than just art and craft classes and adventure camps.

“Wellness camps can go a long way in nurturing and shaping a child’s attitude and behaviour towards health. The young minds must be directed and impacted in positive ways,” says Nikhil Kapur, Founder and Managing Director of Atmantan Wellness Centre, which conducts wellness summer camps for children and parents.

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There are camps where children can indulge in role play and spend the day piloting an aircraft, baking cookies or being a fireman. Then, there are others where your children can turn into forensics sleuths or even play soccer at the foothills of the Himalayas. The list is endless.

“Events organised during this period provide the right set-up for kids where they can enhance their artistic, communication and a lot of different skills which will help them in the long-term,” says Namita Pant, Marketing Head, Trent Ltd that organises books and reading-related activities for children.

The Canadian Summer Camp Research Project, which studied the effects of joining summer camps on children, showed that a camp can provide a safe environment for children who grew up in an overprotective environment, so they can learn, grow, and develop their potential.

Still not convinced? Read on then...

1. Get exposure to diversity

Children from across the country attend summer camps. Your child will get to know about places and cultures, he never knew existed. “They start to understand that there is a life beyond our house and our neighbourhood,” says Ashwini Jagdish, mother of an eight-year-old.

2. Become nature lovers

Camps make your child fall in love with the outdoors. “In our times, we did not need nature camps; we had the privilege of a gadget-free childhood. But these days, we need to coax our child to go out and summer camp is the most fun way to do that,” explains Preeti Vasan, mother of a seven-year-old.

3. Take back wonderful memories

Summer camps can provide an experience of a lifetime. Sharing rooms with strangers, bonfires, the activities - the memories he makes at the camp will stay with him forever.

4. Learn to be independent

At home, you are there to pick up the mess after her and defend her. At a camp, she learns to take care of herself. Right from managing time to doing various tasks, she learns it all.

5. Make new friends

“They get to meet all kinds of children at the camp. They interact with them regularly for the period of the camp and find common interests to bond over. Even after the holidays are over, many of them stay in touch and form solid friendships that may last a lifetime,” says Ananth Kumar, father of a 11-year-old.

6. Boost confidence

At a summer camp, your child learns to communicate and mingle with everyone; this gives him the confidence to survive in any situation and boosts his self-esteem. Your once meek child will return home confident, ready to take on the world and all its challenges!

7. Develop variety of interests

“It is the perfect place where your child discovers what he is really interested in. He might just find something that he would like to pursue in the long-run,” explains Venkat Limbekar, father of a 5-year-old.

8. Gain leadership skills

Since, summer camps give your child a chance to become a team leader, it instills leadership skills in him. These skills are sure to last for a lifetime.

9. Use time effectively

“Summer vacation is the time of the year when a child can laze around and indulge in fun activities. If not decided properly, he may end up in front of the television. It is essential that the holidays are spent productively gaining practical and emotional knowledge,” explains Lina Ashar, Founder, Kangaroo Kids Education.

10. Keep active

There is never a dull moment in a well-planned summer camp. Your child will have an opportunity to do many activities and this will keep her agile in body and active in mind.

So, make this summer one of self-discovery for your young one and set him free in the summer sun.