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Together At Home From Chaos To Harmony 1

What happens when families suddenly have to live together 24x7 within the confines of their home? Could it lead to chaos? Or could families spend this time together bonding in harmony? Find out.

By Nalina Ramalakshmi

Thanks to the coronavirus, my gym is now closed, and all my fitness classes are moving online. At 6 a.m., on the morning of my first online class, I signed-in via Zoom and started exercising as the instructor shouted out instructions –‘1-2-3-4 – LIFT YOUR ARM – BEND YOUR KNEE…’ Shortly thereafter, I heard my daughter (back home from college due to the corona break), mumbling and grumbling, half asleep, on a bed nearby, “Don’t you get it, mom, I’m trying to sleep here.” – Mathari, Chennai

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