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Tips To Support Your Child’s Learning At Home

Year 2020 is redefining the whole concept of learning. It is not just about school anymore. Covid-19 has reiterated the importance of home learning. Here’s how to make it happen…

By Divya Ramesh

Prerna is worried. Her children’s school has suspended physical schooling and switched to online classes till the COVID-19 situation improves. She knows her nine-year-old daughter, Siya, well – playful and talkative. With no friends to share giggles with and no face-to-face interactions, Prerna knows only too well that online learning will not suit Siya. And her 13-year-old son, Dev, has already been struggling with maths and science. Now, with no physical interaction with his teacher, won’t he find it extra challenging? Prerna is wondering if she should step in to teach him math concepts that she herself has been out of touch with for many years. But where is the time? As it is, balancing work, childcare and chores has been a real struggle... Prerna is not alone. Questions, doubts and worries about their child’s learning is giving many parents sleepless nights. Pause and take a deep breath. We are here with expert tips to help you and your child sail through this situation with minimum stress and disruption.

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