Tips To Get Your Child Exam Ready

February is not just a season of love, but also a season of frail nerves, thanks to the looming exams. Here are some super tips to help your child overcome the anxiety associated with exams.

By Priyanka Singhvi

On a chilly December Monday morning I was sitting in my balcony, sipping my hot coffee, with sunlight peeping out of the clouds, bringing warmth to my soul. In this serene mood, as I looked down, I saw exhausted kids and their parents rushing towards their school bus. The children’s faces had stress, fear, anxiety, and other fear-based emotions written all over them. While rushing to the bus, a parent was cross-examining and jogging the child's memory to revisit all that he had studied the night before. Another parent kept reminding the child that he cannot afford to miss out even one mark. Few children had tears in their eyes and resisted getting in to the bus. They preferred to not attempt the exam, than to fail. For an onlooker like me, this intense atmosphere was mind-boggling. Long after the bus left, the faces of the children kept reappearing in front of my eyes. This scenario made me imagine the condition of the children’s mental state. How anxious these exams make our children feel!

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