Tips For Staying Healthy During The Exams

Examinations can be stressful for children. However, stress is not always bad if it’s looked in a positive way. Childhood is the best time to teach that tests are a part of growing up and learning.

By Priya Kathpal  • 7 min read

Tips For Staying Healthy During The Exams

With the evolving education system and so much to learn and explore, one’s health can sometimes take a back seat especially when exams are around the corner. But, this is also the most important time when kids need to stay healthy for obvious reasons.

Keeping healthy requires dedication and kids need to be taken care of all year round to make sure they are in pink of their health on important occasions like these. To be healthy, one must encourage kids to follow a balanced diet, be active at least couple of hours in a day and last but not the least rest well and on time. These make the foundation of a strong and healthy body that can fight infections well if there is need to do so.

Even though a year-round consciousness is important to make sure kids are healthy, certain tips can be followed religiously during exams to relax and also prevent common illnesses.

1. Load up on nutrients:

Studies show that stressful situations demand more of nutrients like vitamin C, B, certain minerals and protein. These nutrients help the body deal with stress and thus keeps the mind calm too.

2. Feed the brain:

Adding omega 3 and antioxidant-rich foods can help boost memory, increase focus and concentration. These foods would include nuts like walnuts and almonds, fish, eggs, yellow-orange coloured fruits and vegetables.

3. Cut down on packaged foods:

Sugar and processed foods can lead to a spike in sugar levels which when drops down can lead to cravings especially during these times. Concentrate more on whole natural foods.

4. Stay hydrated:

A dehydrated body can get tired, restless and lose focus easily. Make sure fluids are offered often. Apart from plain water, liquids like buttermilk, lemon juice, even fresh homemade soups are great.

5. Go proproteins:

Include protein rich foods like eggs, pulses, white meat and dairy for sustained energy and reduce the sluggishness that a carb-rich diet can lead to.

6. Avoid eating outside:

Immunity may not be at the peak due to a little bit of stress and nervousness during this phase, eating or drinking out will mean risking getting a stomach bug or something similar.

7. Plan ahead:

Once the dates for examinations are out, parents should help children chart a plan where they can put in some extra time for studies every day and still can catch up on playtime. This reduces the chance of last-minute preparations which gives the body and mind to prepare and adapt for some extra work.

8. Slow Down:

Don’t fret about those extracurricular activities/enrichment classes that kids may miss out during this time. They can always catch up on these later. As a parent, only you can help them prioritize things and make them feel its ok.

9. Help Relax:

Kids need to play, laze around and just be for some time every day to relax, this helps them get back to work with a zest. So do not cut down on these activities.

10. Rest up:

Sleeping on time and getting enough rest hours is the only way to give the brain some downtime. This helps the brain work better next day, recollect what is done previously and reproduce in a way that is required.

Besides these tips, it is crucial for kids are in a comfortable environment with a lot of positive re-enforcement considering they will have bigger tests to pass in later years. This will form a basis to how their body and mind deal with such situation in future. One can never emphasize enough on the fact that all year round schedules will play an important role in overall health.

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About the author:

Written by Priya Kathpal on 16 March 2018.

Nutritionist Priya Kathpal has a Master’s degree in Dietary Food Service Management with a PG Diploma in Dietetics, Bsc Applied Nutrition and is also a certified sports nutritionist. With over 10 years of experience in fitness industry, she has been involved in clinical and sports nutrition consultations in corporate, gym, fitness centres, clinic set up and R&D team of sports nutrition products.

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