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Tiger Man Of India 'We have a moral obligation to hold nature in trust'

Noted Wildlife Biologist and former Director of the Centre for Wildlife Studies, Dr Ullas Karanth, explains what we need to do to save the ‘wild’ planet. It’s a ParentCircle Exclusive.

By Sindhu Sivalingam

Dr Ullas Karanth, a world-renowned senior conservation scientist started his career as an engineer and then went on to pursue his interest in wildlife. He has spent nearly half a century working on and studying tigers across India. His experience, extensive research and field study makes him an unmistakable authority on tigers not just in India, but world over. George Beals Schaller, a preeminent wildlife biologist has been quoted as saying “No one, anywhere, has done better research and conservation on large carnivores than Ullas.” Dr Karanth has published several scientific research papers and well-acclaimed books on tigers including 'A View from the Machan' and 'The Way of the Tiger'. For his great feats in wildlife conservation, he was conferred the prestigious Padma Shri in 2012.

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