“This Academic Year, I Will….”

Happy New Academic Year to your child! She must already be making resolutions in her heart. Do you want to help her see it to reality?

By Aruna Raghuram

It’s already 9 p.m. and Anuj just walks in from his badminton practice. He gives mom a hi-five and goes for a shower. He turns on the light switch and immediately remembers something that makes him feel ill. He has his science quiz tomorrow! How could he forget? And the new teacher has been so good in explaining lessons that he definitely didn’t want to perform bad. He runs back to his room and starts preparing, eating dinner on his desk bearing his mom’s disapproving look. He sleeps at 1 a.m., wakes up late and gets to school late. He is tired and sleepy all day long. He hates this experience and knows this isn’t the first time he forgets his priority. He starts feeling anxious when he thinks about the board exams he would be taking next year. He wonders how he could manage his academics and interests without missing out on either one of them. He promises himself to not do this again.

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