The Sky Is Pink: Exclusive Movie Review By A Teen

A heartwarming story of a couple spanning 25 years, narrated through the eyes of their dead teen daughter. A touching flick that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Hear it from me, a teen!

By Vanshika Devuni Kalanidhi

The Sky Is Pink: Exclusive Movie Review By A Teen

Movie Rating: 5/5 stars

The Sky Is Pink Movie Review

The Sky Is Pink, is the movie, Bollywood has been waiting for. It is being touted as the silver lining in Indian cinema, and I second that! It is definitely not often I give a movie 5 stars, and this one absolutely deserves it. To take something as hard-hitting as death and grief, and giving it some warm vibes and adding a touch of humour, is filmmaking at its incredible best. 


Aisha Chaudhary has a terminal illness. At infancy, she was diagnosed with a rare condition where she did not have a functioning immune system. Due to the side effects of chemotherapy, she is later affected by pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease that makes breathing difficult. The Sky is Pink is about what goes on behind the scenes. How do Aisha’s parents manage their life? How does the family deal with grief? All these questions are answered from the grave – by Aisha.


This was easily one of the best movies I watched this year. It talks about sad stuff like death, grief, and disease. But, with the quirky and humorous narration, it makes you both laugh and cry in the same scene. The movie is basically death and grief wrapped in humour and chill vibes.

The comedy in this movie appealed to me. The jokes were classy and funny. All the jokes hit well, and left the audience in peals of laughter. Aditi (the mom)’s drama, Ishaan(the brother)’s disapproval about his mom’s antics, and the whole ‘Sonia’ bit were some of my favourite bits. The jokes bring out Aisha’s sassy and bindaas side.


We also need to appreciate all the actors. Zaira Wasim was amazing as Aisha, expressing both her chill vibes and vulnerability. It wouldn’t be a movie without me falling in love with somebody, so please give it up for Rohit Saraf! Rohit Saraf was perfect as Aisha’s older brother. One particular scene where Aisha calls him crying proved both Zaira’s and Rahit’s acting skills. Priyanka and Farhan also nailed playing the parents.

The approach to 'love':

Speaking of the parents, Aditi and Niren have the best relationship I’ve seen in the media. Most movies show couples with no love for each other, just attraction. But, this movie showed us a happy and healthy relationship without any of the ‘I hate my wife’ jokes that forty-pluses seem to love. Some moments that had me falling in love with their relationship were the scene where Niren apologises to Aditi and the scene where Aisha was cured of the immunity disease.


This movie is very engaging. No point in the movie is boring. Everything is perfect. Although I was originally cynical about the timeline and the placements of the scene, I quickly realized why it was good.

Like the narrator promised, knowing Aisha was dead did not ruin the suspense. This movie made me cry even though I knew exactly what was in store.

This movie was also unique. It didn’t have any clichés, and it wasn’t plain and lacking. Every scene had purpose and every character was amazing for different reasons.

Takeaways from the movie The Sky Is Pink:

1. You design your own sky.

2. Death is inevitable, so life is what matters.

3. Take care of yourself, no matter what.

4. Understand what other people are going through.

5. Whether it is your birthday or your death day, life should be a party.

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Written by Vanshika Devuni Kalanidhi on 11 October 2019.

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