The perks of playschool

The sight of our little warriors in ‘research’ action at a playschool is indeed a sight to behold. If you are a parent to a toddler ready to make it ‘big’ at playschool, here’s your one-stop guide.

By Aparna Rao Vikram  • 4 min read

The perks of playschool

A playschool is a place of learning where toddlers can have fun and make friends. Every playschool aims to impart an important message: 'School is not a scary place'. It is not a place where they will hear stern instructions like 'Sit in one place' or 'Finger on your lips'.

It’s a place of fun, where tiny tots can play and learn through different activities. Playschools work closely with parents to enhance toddlers’ first experience of school. Mrs Gayathri Arun, psychological consultant, TVS Lakshmi School, Madurai, explains, “Playschools have become a common event in every child’s life today. As we know, education and socialisation are important aspects of life and playschools are pioneers in providing children with opportunities to learn both. To mingle with children of their own age and to wait for one’s turn may look like negligible activities. But these rules will help the child learn to empathise and be a socially responsible individual at a later stage in life.” 

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