#RealFoodInABag Is What The Mumum Co’s Snack Range Is All About!

Feeling guilty that you let your kids gorge on unhealthy snacks? Worry no more! These mums have turned the tables of the kids' snack industry!

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#RealFoodInABag Is What The Mumum Co’s Snack Range Is All About!

Are supermarket visits turning into nightmares with your kid throwing a tantrum for his favourite fried snack? You find your toddler munching on unhealthy savouries and sweets while the bowl of fruit remains untouched? You feel helpless when your kids snack on not-so-healthy chips and candies, and we know how it feels! Read on to know how two mums have turned this situation around and made snacking a joy for kids and of course the parents!

We all dream of our kids feasting on fruits, hard boiled eggs, veggies, homemade sandwiches, parathas and wheat ladoos infused with jaggery and love. But one look at it and they scowl and go ‘Nooooo…’, making you ready to lose it. And when you run out of ‘DIY’ healthy snack ideas that you can dish up at home, you are on a lookout for kid-friendly snacks at stores. But the snack packs on racks all come with a list of ingredients that require repeated Google searches to figure them out. Is there a way you can let your kids snack guilt-free without worrying about what is in the pack? These mums from The Mumum Co. say yes, you can!

#RealFoodInABag Is What The Mumum Co’s Snack Range Is All About!

The Mumum Co. is the brainchild of two mums Farah Nathani Menzies and Shreya Lamba – an idea that came into being when they wanted their kids to eat ‘right’ and did not trust anything off the shelf. The Mumum Co. has a range of snacks for kids – Punchy Protein Puffs, Cool Crunchies and Mighty Melties, all made with nutrient-rich grains, natural fruits and vegetables, and with no added sugar or preservatives! Their tagline ‘Very, Very, Very Real’ says it all! We caught up with Farah amidst her busy schedule to learn how they managed to step up and lend a hand to all the parents looking for healthy snacks in the market. Read on for a ‘snack’ing time!

"Serve the kind of food you know the story behind." – Michael Pollan

Like most moms, the co-founders too started out in the kitchen coming up with recipes, which their kids would enjoy. They looked for ideas that would help parents provide on-the-go healthy snacks for their kids. #RealFoodinaBag was what they were looking for, so they came up with the idea of locally sourcing the ingredients, down to the last vegetable. They opted for amaranth, jowar and ragi – millets packed with iron, calcium and protein –perfect for kids! For instance, the apples are sourced from Himachal and the strawberries from Mahabaleshwar Once the ingredients-sourcing process was set, they approached manufacturers from across India, looking for organisations with notable certifications, and large capacity and scale for their production. After days of trials at their NABL-certified lab, the mums launched their products in 20 stores and on Amazon. This was a great beginning in the industry of healthy snacks for kids!

"Good food depends almost entirely on good ingredients." – Alice Waters

Curry, Spice and Everything Nice! The mums have been very particular about what goes in the snacks that they curate with love. Being hands-on mums, Farah and Shreya took their kids to farmers’ markets and stores to see what the kids preferred for a snack. Surprisingly, they loved almost everything ‘chatpata’, so the mums decided to go for natural seasonings like coriander, turmeric and jeera. This way the kids could enjoy a burst of flavour, while parents could be relieved to know the products were 100 per cent natural. It took them almost eight months to decide the best flavours and seasonings, which would appeal to kids. The beetroot crunchies are a special favourite among kids, owing to their beet-red colour and natural sweetness.

The Mumum Co. aims to address problems such as juvenile diabetes and obesity in kids by educating parents and children about the perils of processed food and helping them understand what really goes into the packs they buy from stores. Most of the products these days are either coated with salt or sugar or loaded with preservatives. Also, most brands use palm oil for frying snacks. The oil is high in trans-fats and extremely unhealthy for kids. Hence, the mums took up the challenge of manufacturing products without any added sugar, preservatives, artificial colour and flavour. The Mumum Co. is one of the few companies that have succeeded in doing so! They wanted the products to look, feel and give true taste of real ingredients and we must say they managed to pull it off just the way they had dreamt! Some of their unique flavours include Pizza Party Puffs, Beetroot Crunchies which is a delight among kids owing to their beet-red colour and natural sweetness, and Bluberry+Apple+Banana Melties! Yumm!

The Mighty Melties require special mention, as they’re quite different from the Puffs and Crunchies. They taste just like a generous helping of sumptuous fruit smoothie. Freeze dried in a special facility in Baroda, the Melties make sure kids enjoy the taste and also get the nutrition of whole fruit in just a bite! Sounds amazing right? They are available in three unique flavours – Mango Banana, Strawberry Banana and Blueberry + Apple + Banana. They are indeed melt-in-the-mouth and will get your kid’s attention. Next time they ask for dessert, just open a bag of Melties and watch in glee as they excitedly pop them in their mouth for a fruit treat! It is nature’s candies in a bag!

#RealFoodInABag Is What The Mumum Co’s Snack Range Is All About!

"Packaging can be theatre. It can create a story." – Steve Jobs

Packaging the products to make sure the freshness and love is intact, is an important part of the process at The Mumum Co. The packs read ‘Open Now, Eat Now’ in the storage instructions and you might wonder why. Made with natural ingredients and with no preservatives, MSG, sugar, gluten and the likes, the products taste best when consumed immediately. We wouldn’t mind our kids finishing a pack of baked amaranth or frozen mango in minutes, would we? The packaging is thick, air and waterproof, to ensure the products taste the same – from the time they leave the factory and reach you.

"Learn to get excited like a child. There is nothing that has more magic than childish excitement." – Jim Rohn

Kids play a major role at The Mumum Co., from having helped them come up with a brand name, to being happy customers. When their kids came to them asking for ‘Mumum’ (translates to ‘food’ in toddler language in most households), they knew they had a brand name which would appeal to kids and parents alike. They also figured it would work well as they were two ‘Mums’!

Farah’s daughter Kiara, aged 7, takes her job as chief taster at The Mumum Co., very seriously. Along with Alena, her sister and Sera (Shreya’s daughter), she tastes new products which their mums create and decides what goes on the shelf! A pretty great job, don’t you think?

The end users of The Mumum Co. are delighted at being able to munch on snacks, without parents complaining about it! Farah and Shreya receive mails and texts from joyous parents every day, telling them how their kids love their Mumums. Here are a few for you to read…

A mail from Mallika, mum to a 4-year old reads, “Hi, Sorry to bother you, but we’ve been desperately looking for the Crunchies, but none of the stores here have them. Mini crisis and major addiction!! Wanted to ask if we can order online or check somewhere nearby? We are desperate!”

“My daughter is a big fan/brand ambassador of Mumum Melties (blueberry+apple+banana). Since the past 5 months she has been eating your product. On Friday night I met a few Mumum reps in Lil flea and I told them she is a big fan of The Mumum Co. The moment I step into Godrej Nature's Basket or Reliance or Food hall, she runs towards your products and wants me to buy her the products, even if we have them at home.” - Sanimka's Daddy

“I am a regular buyer of your snacks. My 14-month-old LOVES the Melties and Crunchies, and so does this 31-year-old.” - Ruh's Mom

“My kid loves them, but I think I love them more. I’ve been finishing off boxes of Melties. Is that bad?”

Downright amazing, heart-warming stories indeed! Such responses are a great encouragement for the two mums who work towards creating more healthy, yummy ‘Mumums’ for kids.

Their snacks are sold across stores in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi so head out and grab a pack now! You can also find them on Amazon or you can choose to buy directly from their website, https://www.mumumco.com/

They do have another line of products coming up, and we are all excited to try them as soon as they’re out! Next time your kids ask for yummy snacks, hand them a Mumum pack, and watch them savour the nutrients-packed bites! It’s a Mum’s Promise! 

Disclaimer: The content in this article is based exclusively on inputs from The Mumum Co. 

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Written by Kerina De Floras on 27 November 2019.

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