The Lighter Side Of Parenting

We continue our parenting humour series with some lighter moments of parenting shared by our readers from around India. Read, smile, and enjoy!

By Team ParentCircle

My three-year-old son, Aravind, still has the cutest babble for some words. Our doctor says we needn’t worry, so I enjoy it. One night, just before story time, he asked, “Ya kachuva?” expecting a response. I did not understand. He repeated it in varying tones until he began to cry. I was clueless. Then I took him out for a walk to calm him down. As funny as it sounded at first, it was saddening to see him bawl. Later that night, I realised he was trying to ask Yar Kadha Soluva (who will tell stories?) and the answer was me! I quickly went up to the sleeping bub and gave him a soft kiss.

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