The Indoor ‘Project’ Simple DIYs For Preschoolers

Tired of running around your apartment block with your ever-energetic son? Here are some off-beat home activities to keep your bubbly preschooler super charged at home, and you less exhausted.

By Divya Sainathan

It’s one o’clock in the afternoon. My 2.5-year-old son is standing by the door, demanding to be let outside. He never gets bored of playing in the mud, sigh! He watches each of us like a hawk, waiting for a slip-up. The door cannot stay closed forever, duh! There are those ECom and food delivery guys with their cartons, and yes, the AC service guys and the random salesmen. The door needs to open just a crack, and my kid gets his tiny foot out! The only thing that can keep him inside is that dreaded Frankenstein monster of our times – screen time! Sounds familiar? Not easy at all. We keep trying to engage our children in meaningful ways. We give them options – reading, painting, puzzles, building blocks – but our little ones are not impressed; they want new adventures all the time.

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