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That Evening I Just Lost Control Over Myself

Motherhood is a beautiful experience, but it is not devoid of challenges, especially for a working mom. All it takes to enjoy it is sensible decisions and right priorities, just as Nidhi found out.

By Nidhi Pathak

I became a mom seven years ago. It was pure joy to see my child for the first time. I tried everything to be a perfect mother and a perfect woman – a reality that doesn’t exist. But soon, I found myself under the debris of expectations – set by me and by others. I wanted to spend time with my daughter and be there for her; but at the same time, I also wanted to keep working, and resumed my projects from home. Whenever I felt worn out, I pushed myself saying, “Hundreds and thousands of moms have done it and have been doing it so can I.” But, quite naturally, I reached my threshold in a short span (of just six months). I was irritable, discouraged and exhausted all the time – both mentally and physically.

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